4 Questionable Joys of Driving in Florida

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Driving anywhere in the country has its challenges, but here in Florida we have our own special circumstances that all Florida drivers are familiar with. Be careful how you deal with these situations, or you may find yourself with an accident, a ticket and a requirement to attend a Florida ADI course.

1. Long Red Lights

Traffic experts claims that long stoplights keep vehicles moving more efficiently, but that’s hard to believe when it seems like you’ve been in the same spot for the last two radio songs and six commercials. There’s nothing to do but grin and bear with it. Don’t look at it as an opportunity to play Candy Crush on your phone or to take a photo of backed up traffic and post it on Facebook. Don’t brush your teeth, read the newspaper or change your socks. The light will turn in a minute. I promise. When it does go green, give the driver in front of you a few seconds to snap back to attention before you lean on your horn.

2. Luxury Car Gawking

In states like Kansas a Bentley and a Rolls Royce may be few and far between, but in parts of Florida you might see several in a day. Just note them with a glance and be about your business. Even if you see a Lamborghini, take it in stride. Keep your eyes on the Civic in front of you.

3. Freeway Jockeying

The driver going 90 in the far-left lane isn’t helping any, but what can really driveyou nuts are the gamesters weaving in and out of traffic. It might be okay for someone to pull in a foot and a half in from your front end on the bumper car track, but if you hit them on the interstate you aren’t both going to giggle and say, “Gosh, that was fun.” Give them some room and just be thankful you’re not as late as they are.

4. Boulevards and U-Turn

If a higher power didn’t want Floridians making U-turns it wouldn’t have given us so many boulevards. Add this to the endless flow of traffic through one of those long stoplights and you can be drumming your fingers waiting to get to that cafe over on the left. And when you leave the restaurant, you’ll have to make yet another U-turn. What can you do? Not much, except keep your patience and wait for a long enough break that you can make the turn without putting your car up on two tires.

It’s vital to recognize our unique challenges and not let them get to you, or you may find yourself in the market for a Florida ADI course.