6 Must-Have Characteristics of Self-Service Laundromats

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Are you looking for a laundromat? If your washing machine is malfunctioning or you don’t own one, you might want to consider a laundromat. The laundry care market is projected to reach almost AUD1.1 billion this year, according to Statista. It means you have several options when selecting a self service laundromat, including the following:

Quality Equipment

It’s critical for a laundromat to have high-quality washing machines and dryers. This can provide a wide range of benefits. The main one is they’ll offer more reliability and will be less likely to break down when you’re in the middle of washing or drying beddings, for example.

Good equipment can also make the entire washing and drying process faster. High-quality equipment can make it possible to wash your entire family’s laundry more efficiently than with substandard machines. Washing multiple loads at one time can also speed up the process.

Nearby Location

It is especially important if you wash your clothes, uniforms, and linens regularly at a laundromat. It’s important to find a laundromat that’s as close to your home as possible.

One option is to look for a laundromat chain with several locations through a particular state like NSW. It will make it easier to find a location online that’s near your home. Less travel time means the total time to clean your dirty laundry will be less than if you have to travel to another city or across town.

Eco-friendly Machines

Being eco-friendly is a key feature that more customers are looking for now. It helps ensure that precious water isn’t wasted when visiting a laundromat on washing day. While laundering clothes and other items is critical for modern homes, you can also save precious natural resources with eco-friendly machines.

Note-to-Coin Machines

There are lots of reasons customers might not have enough coins with them when visiting laundromats. A note-to-coin machine is a simple yet effective solution. It provides more convenience for customers and businesses.

Free Wi-Fi

Today, nearly 80% of Australians own smartphones, according to Statista. It’s a plus when you can get free Wi-Fi at laundromats since you can spend some time with social media, web browsing, or reading e-mails.

Some laundromats also have other perks like a large screen TV. This is another way to pass the time while washing or drying laundry. This way, you won’t miss your favourite TV show or rugby team.

Convenient Parking

It might not seem like a major issue at first. However, there are some key benefits it can provide. It can be a hassle finding space to park since it takes a lot of time and effort. Simply providing a large car park can offer more convenience for laundromat customers.

Another feature to consider is how close the car park is to the building. This can prevent you from hauling large amounts of laundry from your vehicle to the laundromat. If you want to get a good workout lifting heavy weights, a more practical option is a gym workout.

When selecting a self service laundromat, there are several features to look for, including location, equipment, parking, and perks. Finding the ideal features helps make washing day more fun than your regular household chore.