6 Specifications You Need To Know Before Applying For An Admin Job

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With Sydney being a commercial hub, there are tens of thousands of companies in Sydney alone. All of these businesses require an organisational structure for each company to run successfully. From financial institutions to tech industries, there is no shortage of companies in the area. Most major companies in the country have headquarters based in Sydney as well. Because of this, there is a need for admin personnel. 

Finding the right job to apply for can be a daunting task. You may face many rejections, especially if you do not apply for the jobs that suit your skills. But if you have the experience and the skill for an admin job, you can find the best admin jobs in Sydney has to offer that will be right for you. But first, get to know the different admin jobs you can apply for in Sydney.

Executive Assistant

The important part of an executive assistant is to provide the support of the company’s executive, from minor tasks to clerical support to major ones such as managing the office on behalf of the executive while away. The executive assistant handles these tasks. If you apply for this position, you may be assigned tasks such as handling the training of staff and other management duties.

Personal Assistant

Similarly, a personal assistant does not necessarily have to provide support to a higher-ranking administer. You can also assist senior staff, such as managers, in aiding them in their day-to-day responsibilities. Some of the tasks you will be taking on include answering phone calls, scheduling meetings and business travel plans, and even managing the email of the senior staff you are supporting.


The receptionists’ role is crucial because they are the ones with whom clients and visitors interact. As with any other social interaction, a good first impression goes a long way. It is the receptionist’s goal to be accommodating and approachable to leave a great impression on visitors at the office, such as potential clients and business partners. Your tasks include greeting the visitors and showing them to the right department. You will be managing the logbook, answering questions whether in person or by phone or email.

Team Assistant

If there are team projects within the organisation, the team assistant’s role is to support each team’s needs so the projects they are working on will succeed. It includes scheduling meetings that will not overlap with other meetings and preparing the equipment needed for it. Your role is to make the project easier so the team can focus on getting the project done.

Office Manager

If you apply for an office manager position, you will be in charge of overseeing all administrative activities that go on in the office. You must have supervising skills and good interpersonal skills to manage the entire office and all the employees working in the company.

Chief of Staff

If any disputes arise, the chief of staff will need to step in to mediate. The staff’s chief will handle any other issues involving the day-to-day activities in the office. They will then make the reports and submit them to the executive, often assisting them in solving each problem.

There are also other admin jobs such as legal or accounts assistants and HR or marketing coordinators. These simple descriptions can push you in the right direction to do extensive research on the tasks you have the skills for. Rest assured that you can find the best admin jobs in Sydney can provide, especially if you contact a recruitment firm.