9 Cat Ornaments That Every Cat Lover Should Have

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Having a pet is considered a great stress reliever. While some are drawn to dogs, there are those who call themselves a “cat person.” If you’re a self-confessed cat lover, this read is for you. In this article, we’ve compiled nine unique cat ornaments personalized that can memorialize your adoration for your furry feline.

Girl with blond hair and tan cat. Show off your special bond with your cat with this realistic decorative piece. Standing at 3.75-inch high, this item features not only the cat lover and her pet, but also a heart that provides ample space for a sweet, personalized statement.

Cat ornament with yarn, milk, mouse, and fish. Made of resin, this ornament is perfect for you if you particularly love the “meow” sound that your cat produces. This not-your-ordinary ornament spells out the word “meow” and embellishes it with a cat figurine peeking out of it. The item is further adorned with related designs like a milk bottle, a fishbowl, and a ball of yarn.

Cat crown ornament. Want to treat your beloved feline like a queen? Then this is one of the best cat ornaments personalized for you. Though simple, the crown figure itself speaks volumes of your affection for your Cats That Dont Shed.. Adding another charm to it is a dangling fish figurine that you can use as a space to write off your cat’s name.

Cat candy cane ornament. Fitted for a “meowy” holiday celebration, this 4-inch ornament is tastefully designed with cat paw prints and a fish-shaped area which you can personalize with the name of your pet.

Cat with lights ornament. Another holiday-themed decoration, this item features an adorable cat (available in color white and brown) donning a Santa hat and wrapped in Christmas lights. Complete with real plastic whiskers, this can be personalized with your pet’s name and the year you acquired this piece.

Orange tabby cat ornament in wreath. Got an orange tabby cat as a pet? Give his or her a spot in your Christmas tree with this special ornament. Elaborately designed, it has a cat hanging on a green wreath decked out with red and white hearts to symbolize the love you share with each other.

I’ve been a good cat ornament. One of the must-have cat ornaments personalized for feline lovers, this item is a clever addition to your family Christmas tree this holiday season. One of its highlights is a fish-shaped embellishment located atop the symbolic stocking.

Veterinarian coat ornament. If you’re a cat lover who loves to give out presents, you shouldn’t miss out on this adorable ornament. A perfect gift for your pet’s veterinarian, it features a vet coat nicely sporting paw prints all over. This little piece is a great way of saying thank you to the vet’s services not only for your pet but for other animals as well.

Pet’s memorial ornament with heart. Want to honor the memory of your beloved cat? This memorial ornament — featuring two angel wings and paws in the middle — is a touching tribute to the feline whom you have shared special memories with.

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