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Don’t we all love to treat ourselves with the latest fashionable items? It feels delightful and satisfying to keep up with the trend. But, how lovely does it feel to be dressed trendy and quirky with all the accessories you have ever wanted and have everyone eye on you when you walk down the streets, looking your outfit and accessories up and down? Or showing off your trendiest accessories to your co-workers and friends as they compliment it? Or having your siblings and cousins ask you from where you brought that? The feeling of joy and the insurmountable happiness can’t quite be put into words, can it?

Fashion is a way of expressing yourself and staying up to the changing times. People of all ages and professions enjoy wearing sunglasses with a suit or a dress because it instantly elevates their style. Ozeano’sAustralian sunglasses are gaining a lot of praise recently for how fashionable and environmentally friendly they are.

The adverse effects and implications of not shopping sustainably:

Shopping sustainably is the greatest thing we can do for the planet earth. It is a small yet very significant step for dealing with pollution, landfill waste, and supporting underpaid and overworked employees. What happens if the shopping is not sustainable?

Since 1880, the global average temperature has risen by more than 1 degree Celsius. It may appear to be an insignificant change but consider and relook at several of the adverse implications it has already brought about. The ocean levels are rising as a result of the melting of icebergs. The flooding that results soon after the rising ocean levels causes major problems for residents who lose their shelter, food, money, citizenship documents, and much worse. While on the other hand, rising temperatures are causing forest ecosystems to disrupt. Droughts are becoming more common, resulting in wildfires, which impact the forest land adversely and severely impact the animals that live there as it destroys their habitat.

Harmful radiation is penetrating our ozone layer through the holes created due to pollution. Excess emission of harmful pollutants like carbon dioxide is what is causing all these adverse changes. These can also be referred to as greenhouse gases. One of the main reasons for the excessive amount of emissions is because of factories and companies that cause air pollution and water pollution while manufacturing their products. High fashion industries are no exception to this, so it is essential to be very mindful about the source of buying the products.

How to ensure to shop sustainably?

The first step while choosing fashion brands is to check if they are carbon-neutral. It is the simplest way to know if the brand or company is environmentally friendly or not.

The second most important thing to look for is if the company or the band has taken any initiative to be more environmentally friendly and create a greener planet. Companies like Ozeano are partnering with projects like Sight For All, which is such a thoughtful initiative to help prevent eye diseases. This way, the consumers will consciously or unconsciously help make the world a better place to live. Another remarkable project is the Seabin Project with which certain companies are associated.

Don’t forget to check if the brands you are buying from reuse and recycle to ensure you are buying hand-made Australian sunglasses from ethical brands. And finally yet most importantly, check the company’s or the brand’s carbon offset credits before purchasing from them and be supportive of the manufacturers that are investing time and other resources to create more renewable production methods and products.