A guide to upholstery

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When you are going to buy new furniture or upgrade an old one, upholstery is a must choice you have to make. There are several types of materials available in the market, and you have to decide between them. Color and patterns are essential, but choosing between the right types of fabric that fits in your lifestyle is also crucial. Upgrading a sofa only makes a significant difference in your room décor. Sofa and chairs are prominent products of your home, according to the survey after mattress sofa and armchair are on the second number of purchase items.

The type of upholstery defines the quality and usefulness of a chair or sofa. A leather sofa is durable, and a cotton one is comfortable but not durable as compared to leather. Same wise, not all types go with every type of sitting. For instance, a leather sofa is durable and hugely beneficial in informal rooms. On the other hand, cotton fabric sofas work best in living rooms and residential areas. I have put together this guide to help you make the right decision while selecting upholstery.

Residential upholstery:

The needs and requirements of residential upholstery are different from commercial ones. People might seek out for the person who performs this work and will elaborate on their needs. Furniture that might get benefits from upholstery is chairs, sofa/ couches etc. When you buy for residential need, make sure that you checked all these points:

  • Comfort: Your primary preference should be a comfort; after a long day at work; the first thing you will need at your home will be a comfort. A fabric sofa is a popular choice for residential users for this reason.
  • Anti-allergic: If you or your family members have any allergies, make sure that material you select contains anti-allergic fabric.
  • Cleaning and stain resistance: A house with kids can make your sofa fabric get dirty quickly, that’s why make sure that you select the colors and stuff which don’t get dirty quickly. Some cotton fabrics used in chairs and sofa covering, come with anti-stain coating. That might help it to stay stain free for a long time.
  • Color schemes; Sofa coverings give you the privilege to decide the color and design schemes according to your specific needs. In a house, with kids, you may also prefer colors that can prove camouflage for dust. Also, you can go for designs and patterns according to your lifestyle, i.e., modern or traditional.
  • The good thing about a custom made sofa is that you may directly contact with the upholstery work and describe your exact and specific needs. Upholstery is not specific to particular chairs or sofa so you may select different types of work one every piece of furniture. For instance, in the living room, you may select comfortable cotton upholstery, whereas, in-formal sitting area or library you might opt for a classic leather chair.

Commercial Upholstery:

Commercial upholstery is very vast because it covers a lot of areas. Commercial upholstery sector includes hospitals, restaurants, and offices and so on. Upholstery you may buy for this sector will be different, but few things which you have to keep in mind in a while purchasing them are:

  • More durable furniture: In almost every commercial place, it is not easy to select upholstery because you can’t change it regularly. For this reason, you should go for the material which is more durable than any other material. Leather is quite popular in restaurants and shops for bar tools and chairs for this very reason. Leather gives a graceful, intense look, and there is no doubt in its durability.
  • Cost-effective choices: Always go for cost-effective choices, don’t rush into selecting beauty and buy a white elephant at your place.
  • Sustainable choice: Make a sustainable choice and go for re upholstery options. It will be more environmentally friendly and saves a lot of fuss. Also, it gives you the upper hand in not disturbing your business. You may use a few chairs while rest might be in the process of up-gradation.

In the end, it all depends on your lifestyle, and your requirement chooses wisely to get the most benefits from beautiful materials and fabrics.