Academic and training to get a certificate from English Test

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Many of them like to communicate in English and some people considered English as a second language. To study or visit a foreign court we have to complete a B1 English TestThat test helps to interact with the native speaker on a familiar topic. At the same time, it helps to read simple reports or communicate with colleagues. With the help of the B1 English test, we can write an email in the workplace and we can share our opinion without hesitation. But this level isn’t adequate to function fully in the workplace. This test helps to understand the important points from the speaker with standard input. These things are based on the CEFR guidelines. It helps to understand and connect the text with their familiar topic based on their interest. Some break down helps you to develop and analyze more about the skills which are required. Many levels are available in the B1 English test. Those tests help to handle the situation with our knowledge.

Training difference in academic and General

To create a great impact on our studies IELTS exam which helps to create an opportunity for studies and a successful career, at the same time this exam helps you to settle in Britain or any other English speaking country. To study at a top university this IELTS exam will help to choose through this exam. We give a great look for the CV to get a job in a Multicultural exam. To crack this exam many training centers are available with the help of that institute so we can clear the exam. Academic is a perfect platform to clear the IELTS exam for our Bachelor’s degree or a postgraduate degree or some professional registration for which we can get a certificate from that exam. To work and study in any other English-speaking country or the UK this certificate helps you and at the same time, it creates many opportunities for your income. In general, it is difficult to clear the exam.

Format for the Exam

Some formats are available for the exam and also in training academy four section are there

  • Reading 
  • writing
  • Listening
  • speaking

 These skills are necessary to learn everything in our life or our society.


Reading section we have to know to read all kinds of sentences. In the exam, we have to read a longer sentence, four or five normal sentences, and also we have to read a longer complex sentence in the General training test. 


In the writing section, we have to write or describe the given things for example they will display the chart or diagram we need to write something about those things with 150 words or more than 150 words, in a general test we have to describe or narrate the real-life situations or write a letter. For the writing test, they have some structure 

The essay must have 3 paragraph

Vocabulary with high register words

Fluency with phrases

These things are expected in the writing section and it develops our knowledge of the particular language.


The listening section has parts it is divided into some section they are

  • Task response
  • Cohesion
  • Coherence
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar

In the listening section, we have to listen to some audio and answer the given question by hearing the audio.


The speaking section also has some categories which help to check our fluency. We have to communicate usually 11 to 14 minutes that conversation will be recorded.