Advantages of New Online Casinos

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You see it everywhere. During the commercial break on TV. In the escalator on the way to the subway. On social media. In the morning paper when you eat breakfast and on the pizza box when you pick up food. Advertising – for online casinos.

On average, 20 new online casinos are launched every day. In one year, there will be 7,300 casinos that will compete with each other. If it is a leap year, we are up to 7320 pieces.  As a player, it can feel overwhelming to choose one of them. No one has the time to go through thousands of casino sites to find one that matches one’s needs.

If you think about it. How often have you compared your insurance terms, changed bank or even considered buying another brand of milk when you shop? People are addicted to animals who do not like to change their behavior. We choose what we know and which is comfortable.

But sometimes it pays to make a short-term effort to achieve long-term gain. By trying a new casino, you can get a number of benefits such as:

Better bonuses – new casinos that have not established themselves in the market and have not made a name for themselves must fight hard to attract new players. This is often reflected in generous welcome bonuses and offers. As a new member, the gaming companies also issue weekly offers.

Trying out new games first of all – there are hundreds of game makers producing jackpot games and casino games. Established and new gaming companies usually buy their games from the largest and most well-known gaming manufacturers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Novomatic and Merkur Gaming. Therefore, you will find the most popular games even at a newly started online casino. Some new online casinos have also invested in games from new and more unknown game producers. It can mean new exciting gaming experiences for you as a player.

Playing for free – “Free Spins” is something online casinos often have as a standing offer. It is not uncommon to receive between 10-200 free spins as a thank you for signing up. What you as a player gain from it is that you get the chance to try out different slot machines before you play for your own money. This way, you quickly get a feel for the casino and their range of games. If you are a member of several online casinos, you have a chance to get more free spins as the gaming companies often hand out new Free Spins when a new game is launched.

Try new mobile casinos – games via mobile phones and tablets are increasing and so is the range of games. Most new casinos today are created and adapted for mobile users. In addition to the fact that it is convenient that you can play wherever you want, you can get extra bonuses if you download and play via the gaming company’s app. The development of virtual games is also progressing and the fact that you can connect your VR glasses to your mobile has hardly escaped anyone. The more VR slot machines and VR casino games that appear, the greater the chance you who play via mobile and are a member of several different gaming companies have the chance to try out new games before everyone else.