All you need to know about Video Production

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Video production has three stages, pre-production phase, production phase, and post-production phase. As types of equipment are changing, so is its way of functioning. With new things evolving, digi-tech has also evolved. But there are some things that will never change in this process, and that’s why it’s very important to remember them. Every good video production unit keeps these things in mind, always.

Important facts about video production:

  • Organizing the clips is the most important thing because, without that, the video isn’t even possible. Whatever you and your team shoot, keep it stored, be it in your pen drives or directly transferred to your PC’s and laptops. A camera can stop working at any moment and so can its memory card. Don’t rely on it; keep a copy of your work.
  • Without scripting in the pre-production phase, no good can come of the video. A good script binds the video together and everything goes accurately on time. Even the dialogues are fixed and the act goes on accordingly. Without efficient planning and scripting, the production unit ends up getting hours of useless footage and a lot of time goes into editing.
  • Take your time. Video production isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Know that what you’re doing is an artistic feature the world views, and then paint your story and concept accordingly. The target audience must feel excited to see your work and should adore it. It all depends on how well your video is story-wise.
  • While shooting, make sure you have the right equipment. The required lights, camera, cables, microphones, etc. must be equipped at the location. In the end, the outcome must not look compromising and dull but must be able to speak on its own. 
  • Give editing the time it needs. Add up and deduct things based on your requirements, see what’s needed in the video to bind its essence. While editing, make sure you use the right software and application for the same. Do not over-edit it with effects and colors, it looks unprofessional. Make sure the sound level is up to the mark.
  • Video production doesn’t necessarily have to be costly. Save up money by making optimum use of resources such as the location, the actors, lights, and accessories. Your equipment shouldn’t also be super expensive. It should just do the work and must be up to the mark. Plan your budget and then work accordingly. 

These are the things one must keep in mind before entering the field of video production (jasa video company profile, which is the term in Indonesian). Before starting your work, make sure you keep these things in mind and observe how smoothly your work goes. An extremely unconventional field, it lays magic in the world when done properly.