Android TV BOX App store

Android TV boxes are the most popular smart TV Box out there for cheaper prices. Play Store TV has limited amount of Android apps unlike play store phone or tablet version. Play Store TV app does not show all the apps and games available for phones on TV too. Why is that? It is done due to incompatibility. Many apps and games are specially developed for touchscreens. Those apps and games may install and open, but hard to use on Android TV boxes. But there are some applications that work smoothly on Android TV boxes, but does not available on play store TV. It is because play store and play store TV manager separate privacy policies. Therefore, even they are supported those apps are not available for TV boxes via play store.

Puffin browser is an awesome Android TV browser that easily browser websites and allows to install any app or game you love easily. This browser only available for phones and tablets not for Android TV. This browser was recently removed from play store TV. How to install any app or game you love on Android TV boxes for free. Just like on phones you can try using an app store. There are no plenty of Android TV app stores available. Best option is Aptoide TV.

Because Aptoide TV is like play store TV where it allows you to install any app or game without any limitation. Just like AC Market or Aptoide for Android phones and tablets. It will show that the app you are going to install is compatible or not. You can install it even it is not compatible. In that case you have to use mouse or game pad to get better experience using it.

You can’t use AC Market on Android TV boxes. Because it has only the app available for phones. Developers made separate version of their app or game for TV boxes for optimum usage. Therefore, you should use Android App store that has TV apps and games. That’s why Aptoide TV suites you. It shows TV apps and game along side with all other apps.

You can try using Filelinked too. Filelinked has different approach unlike Aptoide TV. Filelinked stores are maintain by different users all around the world. Each store has separate Filelinked store. You can install apps like Clean Master which are not available on many app stores using this app.  Filelinked is the best place to install free Movies, TV Shows apps on any Android TV box including shield TV pro, Shield TV, Mi TV Stick, Fire TV Stick, Google TV and all.