Animal Behavior Essentials – What You Need to Know!

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A dog owner should know at least the basics of dog behaviour. Understanding the basics of animal behaviour is important to prevent potentially dangerous situations involving your loving pet. Bogs express most of their feelings to us through their body language. Pets have no way of telling us what they really feel. So you should learn some of the basics of dog’s body language to strengthen the bond between yourself and your loving pet. This article highlights what you need to know about animal behaviour essentials. The Teacup Poodle Can get baffled by being kept up and petted by obscure minuscule children and locate somewhat bewildered, utilizing early and right socialization this may be forestalled.

Dog Showing Its Teeth

If a dog shows its teeth to you, it can mean many things. This act shouldn’t be taken lightly or you may suffer the consequences of such an act. The dog might be warning you that it feels upset right now. This warning shouldn’t be taken lightly. When a dog shows its teeth to you or anyone else, it means he is showing fear-aggression, aggression or dominance. Make sure you don’t reward such acts. But don’t take it lightly, too. It may result in the dog biting you or someone else.


Pacing is an act of being excited, nervous or bored. You may have seen dogs in kennels or outside pacing back and forth. You should try to understand the context of the situation and reward or discourage the act appropriately.


Dogs who often walk in circles may have certain health issues. If circling has become a compulsion to your dog and it cannot stop the compulsion, your pet might be having a health condition. Ear infections cause the dog to circle without stopping. Older pets might be having idiopathic vestibular syndrome and cannot stop circling. Most dogs are prone to poisoning and brain tumour. You should watch the behaviour of your pet to get the right meaning of its act. If he cannot stop the circling, you should get him in for a check-up.

Digging The Ground

You may have seen many dogs doing this. Dogs dig the ground for many reasons. Some instances include escaping, finding a place to lie, hiding something, and tracking animals. If your pet’s digging damages the furniture or starts to bother you, you should consider hiring a professional dog trainer to reduce the bad habit.


Dogs usually yawn when they want to sleep. But there are instances where they yawn due to other needs. If your pet yawns at an increased rate, he may be showing a sign of stress or fear.

Exposing Belly

You may have already seen dogs exposing their bellies. It can mean several things. The pet may want its belly rubbed or wanting to play with you or another dog. Some pets expose their bellies out of submission or respect to the dog owner or another dog. This is a positive act that you should reward with a dog treat or a belly scratch.

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