Are Baby Bicycle Trailers Safe?

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Riding a bike with your baby comes with certain safety risks that need to be taken into account. Unlike adults, babies are fragile and may not be able to withstand a significant shock or fall. Therefore, we have baby bicycle trailers to help us out in this matter. These handy gadgets are attached to your bike’s rear to act as a sidecar. Doing so allows us to enjoy a fun ride with our baby who relaxes sitting back in its trailer.

While there are no questions about the benefits or convenience of baby bike trailers, safety remains a primary concern. Are baby bike trailers safe? What are the possible factors that could make them unsafe? Let’s find out whether or not baby bike trailers are doing much to cope with these factors.

What makes baby bike trailers unsafe?


  • Hard to handle


Steering a baby bike trailer is no mere piece of cake since you’ll be pulling an extra weight behind your back. This weight can shift the center of gravity of your bike, making it difficult for you to steer especially on sharp turns. Therefore, you might be stopping or adjusting at every turn to steep correctly. Doing so is dangerous especially on busy roads where the probability of a vehicle crashing in is there. 


  • Low height


Since baby bike trailers are very low to the ground, a vehicle approaching from behind might not be able to spot the trailer. Especially if that vehicle is a bus or truck then visibility is even less. Such a situation could end in the vehicle crashing in the trailer that could cause severe injuries. 


  • Riding on a bumpy road


Rough terrains marked by rocks and pits in the ground such as dirt tracks are often considered unsafe to ride on with baby bike trailers. It is because the baby experiences more shocks and jumps that could not only cause neck and back pain but really disrupts the riding experience. Also, a big jump can throw the occupant out of the trailer.  

What makes baby bike trailers safe?


  • Flag poles


A flag pole is used as an indicator to sign a baby bake trailer. It is tied to the trailer and raised at a considerable height of about 7 feet. As a result, an approaching vehicle can easily spot the trailer ahead and slow down.


  • Seat belts


Almost every end baby bike trailer comes with a good seat belt at least. Most of the high-end trailers come with multiple harnessing systems that provide optimum safety. If a seat belt is tied properly beforehand, there is no chance for the baby to fall out of the trailer.


  • Suspensions


Baby bike trailers also have a considerable suspension system that minimizes external shocks and vibration to quite an extent.


  • Ball and socket joint


Also known as rollover hitch, a ball and socket joint makes sure that a bike trailer doesn’t tip over. Even if the bike falls over, the trailer will stay in an upright position.  


Even though baby bike trailers have a safe design, yet the safety of the baby mostly depends upon the rider. Think of the baby bike trailers as a car. A car has its airbags and seat belt for safety but if is driven rashly, the chances of accidents are always there. Harnessing the seat belt and opting for a less bumpy or busy road promise more protection from any unwanted situation.