Celebrity Sunglasses Spotter – Suri Cruise & Christina Aguilera

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What are you supposed to wear when your mother is of one 90’s biggest teen stars on TV and your dad is also one of Hollywood’s brightest (and to add to that, heartthrob)? Suri Cruise has been a favourite among paparazzi because of her impeccable fashion style whom she’d inherited from her mum, Katie Holmes. Mommy Katie claims that her daughter chooses her own clothes – from hats, coats, shoes, and sunglasses.

Recently, the mother-daughter has been subject of media scrutiny when Suri was seen walking around a cold and rainy day in New York without wearing a coat. Katie then, explained that they got into a fight because Suri didn’t want to wear her coat, but the Dawson’s Creek star knew that after a few blocks, her daughter would ask for her coat anyway.

If the daughter is already a fashion icon in her own name, how much more could the mum be? Katie loves to wear skinny jeans that flaunt her thin and long pins. She also tops her look with a pair of oversized sunglasses. In the picture above, she’s wearing the ever so fashionable ‘Gia’ by Tom Ford Sunglasses.

Some women are contented just by looking acceptable. But others do not just want to be acceptable. They want to be adored and looked up to. They want to stand out in a crowd and turn heads. – This is exactly what describes Christina Aguilera’s love for designer sunglasses. She grew up in front of us. From “Genie In A Bottle” to some of her newer songs, Christina has always managed to show the public that she’s not everybody’s ordinary girl. She wants to wear something that would make her standout. She loves bold animal prints and bloody red leggings. She uses this desire and passion to be different even when choosing designer sunglasses.

Recently, Christina Aguilera was spotted wearing sunglasses from the Chloe 2010 collection. She was seen wearing the Chloe 2180 Tilia. It is a retro-inspired eyepiece that does not only protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays but is also sure to make you different from the crowd. These sunglasses come with an edgy shape that’s perfect for ladies who have slim faces. It also features a metal detail on the temple as part of the Chloe signature.

The Chloe 2010 designer sunglasses collection offers a wide range of designs that’s sure to capture every modern girl’s heart. From the laidback corporate chic to the party magnet, the Chloe collection is bound to exude your one-of-a-kind fashion sense.