Check Out Tips To Keep Your Air Conditioner Working Properly

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For the appliance responsible for refreshing environments to work perfectly, we need to take some precautions concerning its maintenance.

A detail that often goes unnoticed is the cleaning of the air ducts. People generally focus only on cleaning the device’s filters. However, the ducts deserve special attention since they are the ones that the air circulates through. Cleaning must be carried out on both filters and ducts. Otherwise, the quality of the air we breathe is impaired.

For the proper functioning of the compressor, it is essential that the installation piping is at least three meters long, as instructed by all manufacturers. To take advantage of 100% of the comfort that a split air device provides, it is advisable to install the condenser (external equipment where the compressor is) three meters away and its fixation outside the bedroom wall. Thus, the silence, which is characteristic of these devices, will be ideal.

Tips For Maintaining Appliance Health

When carrying out annual maintenance, remember to always carry out this procedure with technical assistance or a specialized company like Air conditioning in Tonbridge. Several ways can help you in this matter.

When using the air conditioner, keep the curtains and blinds closed. This prevents the sun’s rays from heating the environment, which prevents the device from overloading.

Windows and doors also need to be closed so that cold air does not escape through them. This way, you will save on energy and maintenance. Tip: for places that need to keep the doors open, you can find air curtains that solve this problem and do not let hot air in.

In beach houses, it is essential to carry out maintenance more often. This is because the salty air is corrosive and harms the device.

Clean filters and ducts periodically. This process maintains the quality of the air and prevents it from smelling badly. In addition, if the devices are used frequently, it is necessary to change the filters every two or three months.