Climbing: See The Top Tips To Get Started!

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Climbing can be one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors and get out of the monotony of traditional activities. In this sport, adrenaline is inevitable, as well as a beautiful view and great experiences! But you need to know how to get started.

There are equipment and knowledge that are fundamental to face the walls and enjoy all the benefits of climbing without the significant risks associated with this sports practice. So, do you want to know what they are? That’s what we’ll see here!

The Necessary Equipment

First of all, we must say that it is hazardous to practice sports climbing without essential safety equipment. The helmet, for example, is a fundamental piece, as it protects your head from shocks, stones, and other materials that can put your health at risk during the activity.

In addition to it, it is necessary to be equipped with a harness – that very characteristic belt, which connects the person to a rope -, of the carabiner and atc – another safety equipment that facilitates the movement with the rope. It is also worth mentioning the tapes and strings, which can be used to further the equipment and the points reached along the trajectory.

For those who want to reach the summit with more comfort, ease – and, especially, safety – it is still recommended to wear suitable shoes (such as cat feet) and a bag with magnesium (a kind of talcum powder for the hands, which increases grip and prevents sweat).

In addition to all this equipment, other more common options can help compose your “set up” or “loadout.” including sunglasses, for example, can be vital to protect your eyes when climbing. You can find all of these items on the internet at stores that specialize in outdoor sports.

Courses That Facilitate Your Entry Into The Sport

The benefits of doing physical activities in nature are immense, but, as we have seen, safety is an essential point of climbing. To shorten your entry into this sport or ensure more safety, it is always recommended to start a specialized course. You will learn numerous techniques that will be very important to overcome the challenges along the way.

In addition, knowledge involving the essential equipment and its checking will also be seen in greater depth in a course, making you master this equipment and have total comfort to deal with the adversities that climbing can provide.

Learning more about abseiling, footprints, projections, and countless other details, for sure, will make a difference in your sports practice, which requires a lot of physical conditioning and technical knowledge.

For those who have doubts, know that classes are usually taught on didactic walls – like those we see in amusement parks – or on stones of lesser height in nature. In many situations, including training is practiced on stones that are a few meters high to strengthen their muscles and, mainly, internalize all knowledge.