Cost Incurred While Shipping a Car from California to Florida

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Shipping a car starting from California to Florida is easy and you can do it in simple steps. People love moving to warmer regions like Florida or any other warmer states. Shipping a car comes with its expenses, which you have to know before incurring any of those expenses. Choose shipping companies that come with reasonable cost of shipping so that you can save your money. 

Talk to Ship a Car, Inc to ship a car from California to Florida and when shipping using a company, not only does it help in the shipping of freight but also you remain at peace.  

Cost of shipping from California to Florida

The shipping of cars from California to Florida costs about $1,000 to $1,500 but if discounts are given it can cost $1100 also. The cost is determined based on the car model and make and the delivery is as per your preference. Shipping a car is not such a complicated process but you must know all the right ways and procedures of doing it.


When planning to ship a car, you can also drive the car as you will get lot of free time and people who love driving, this turns out to be quite awesome. Distant driving is however not for all and driving more than 200 miles is not preferred by all. Then people think of shipping the car.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Transport Company to Ship Your Car

If you plan on driving, it will be a 40-hour long drive from California to Florida hurting your pockets a lot. You will also be adding 3,000 mileages extra on your car. You have to do the oil change, seat belt change, and tires after shipping your car. The car will be affected if you are driving it for so long.

Services provided by the auto transport company

Normally two types of services are provided by an auto service company:

  • The carrier type which is the open and enclosed trailer for the go
  • The time frame can be standard or expected delivery just the way you like it.

The shipping and price depend totally on how you are planning of shipping the car. 

Documents needed for the shipping part

The domestic transport turns out to be simple. Either you or any of your close people needs to pick up the vehicle and you are done. The person picking up the car needs to sign a Bill of Lading turning out to be an inspection report as well. 

When the carrier is checking on the car, check for you to see any damages in it. Do not sign an incomplete or blank document ever and ask for a copy of it. 


The living and housing cost is higher in Florida than any other US state. Warm waters and the calm beaches are what Florida is known for. Enjoy your stay at Florida the most and return when you feel like. You can sip your car again. Shipping with the help of the company will be an amazing experience if you want everything sorted out.