Data Scientist – Data Miner

At the marketing service, the data miner or data scientist enhances all customer data to make it a lever for creating value for the company. It analyzes masses of heterogeneous data, possibly unstructured, to extract valuable knowledge for optimizing the company’s offers and services. They also help the best data science courses in hyberadad.

Other Titles

  • Data scientist engineer
  • Big data engineer
  • Data miner analyst
  • Data miner consultant
  • Data analyst

Main Activities

Extraction, Standardization, And Structuring Of Customer Data

  • Collect, select and validate relevant customer data for analysis.
  • Define storage solutions and data structuring.
  • Convert, code, and map consumption or product usage data in a format understandable by all employees.
  • Improve the quality and enrich the company’s customer databases.
  • Determine the tools and methods for acquiring data from a set of technically heterogeneous databases.
  • Design the architecture of a Data warehouse.
  • Control the quality of data throughout their processing.

 Predictive Analysis And Development Of Customer Knowledge

  • Implement and guarantee statistical modeling of data.
  • Develop learning algorithms and predictive scenarios of customer behavior.
  • Optimize customer segmentation using statistics and consumption data.
  • Study and implement the best technical solutions to manage large volumes of data.
  • Design models for detecting insights (attitude or deep belief of consumers, which acts as a brake or motivation for behavior, on which the marketing will seek to define an offer or build an advertising promise) and market opportunities.
  • Test, control the quality and consistency of databases.
  • Support the company in the development of value creation levers.

Optimization Of The Company’s Marketing Actions

  • Implement and optimize CRM strategies for relationship marketing.
  • Improve the performance of customer contact platforms (Web, etc.).
  • Optimize the targeting of direct marketing campaigns (emailing, SMS, web, etc.).
  • Analyze customer retention rates and the factors contributing to them.
  • Measure the ROI (Return on Investment) of all the company’s marketing actions.
  • Build and optimize appetite scores (a tool that reflects the probability that a prospect will become a consumer of the promoted product or service).
  • Provide the marketing department with the data necessary for carrying out market research.

Technological Watch On Data Mining Tools

  • Monitor new technologies and software solutions for data analysis.
  • Research and experiment with new methods of data modeling and analysis.
  • Select new data management tools and techniques.