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Four Factors to Consider when Choosing a Civil Rights Attorney

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A lot of laws are made to help prevent discrimination and protect the rights of minority groups and the general public. Many of them apply directly to the government while others prevent discrimination and other rights violations in housing, education, and public accommodations. If you think your civil rights were violated, you can file a complaint with the proper government agencies or file a lawsuit in court. Whatever your decision, is you need to have a Las Vegas Civil Rights Attorney on your side to increase your chances of winning your case. When choosing a civil rights attorney, here are things you should take into consideration:

Appropriate Fee Structure

You want to ensure the lawyer’s price is worth the case. In general, smaller disputes do not require hiring the most expensive lawyer. Additionally, you must ask the lawyer if they bill by the hour or if a flat fee arrangement is an option. Although some lawyers might advertise a very low flat fee, you must inquire about additional fees. 


You want to hire an attorney you feel comfortable being with. A comfortable and open relationship will let you share relevant details to your case honestly and completely. 

Track Record

Before you meet with a lawyer, search for their name online. Look for reviews regarding their services. Also, you must check with the state bar association website to see if there are any complaints filed against the attorney. 

Moreover, you need to ask the lawyer about their experience. You want an attorney who has successfully won cases similar to yours before. For bigger disputes, you need to work with a more seasoned legal professional. 

Availability and Communication

The best civil rights attorney is someone you can easily contact and communicate with. They should be able to return phone calls or emails in a timely way.