Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Vintage Rugs

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Vintage rugs have always been a staple for households and private dwellings in the country. And for good reasons. Gorgeous styles, such as floral designs, and the bolder colours of a vintage rug are unmatched, making it a far more superior floor covering option than carpets. A vintage rug is the best choice when improving the appearance of a room.

Vintage rugs can function as a focal point of any interior space in the household, and serve as a visual treat to visitors. If you have been planning to buy vintage rugs but hesitate because of a lack of awareness, here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding them.

What Exactly is a Vintage Rug?

Two of the most common categories of rugs are known as “antique” and “vintage.” Generally, an antique rug refers to rugs that are more than a hundred years old. On the other hand, a vintage rug is a rug that is typically less than 100 years old. According to an article by Kilim, a vintage rug is made with exceptional craftsmanship that is done by hand-knotting.

Vintage rugs are widely considered as timeless and classic pieces of art because of the exquisite and tedious process required in producing it. Making a high-quality vintage rug that has an array of colours and patterns takes hours because it is all done through manual labour. This is why it is no surprise that it is one of the most durable design pieces in the market today.

What is a Shaved Vintage Rug?

A shaved vintage rug is a rug that has no top layer, which reveals the weave more vividly. This is done through a shaving process that makes the rug less plush and a bit thinner. These vintage rugs are popular among manufacturers and sellers that provide vintage rug refurbishing. 

If you don’t like a shaved vintage rug because it has lesser elements, you can opt for a cropped vintage rug. A cropped vintage rug preserves a traditional rug’s elements, which results in a thicker pile because the worn and aged wool would still be present.

What is the Difference Between Hand-Knotted and Hand Tufted Vintage Rugs?

Vintage rugs are made through manual labour by artisans with exceptional craftsmanship. There are two main processes, which include the following:

Hand Tufted. “Punching” threads make vintage rugs that are hand-tufted through a fabric sheet using a tufting gun. Once this process is done, a final layer of fabric is added to hold the rug in place. This process is considered as the more affordable option for manufacturing rugs.

Hand-Knotted. Vintage rugs that are hand-knotted refer to rugs made using ancient and traditional hand weaving and knotting methods. It includes a process of stretching threads across a loom and creating intricate designs through the stretched threads.  

Are Vintage Rugs More Durable than Modern Rugs?

One of the advantages of a vintage rug over a modern one is durability. Most modern rugs are typically mass-produced and made from flimsy or low-quality materials to save from input and material costs. Although this is beneficial to the manufacturer, the consumer ultimately suffers. Fortunately, a vintage rug provides a better alternative.

Vintage rugs are made with highly durable components, which make them more durable compared to modern rugs. Investing in a vintage rug is a better financial decision because you will be able to use it for a longer period, avoiding costly repairs in the process, and saving you more money in the long run.


Vintage rugs can enhance your interior space’s aesthetic appeal, regardless of the room, you place it in. This is why it is one of the most sought-after pieces for home design in the market. Check out a reputable seller of a vintage rug and get ready to have a gorgeous sight inside your household!