Gold Selling Solutions That You Can Go For

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If you have some gold available, even just a few jewels that belonged to relatives, thinking of selling it is one of the many possibilities available. In fact, thanks to the presence of more and more shops and metal counters specialized in the purchase of gold, selling your products is quick and easy. However, we must try to pay attention to some precautions to avoid scams in the sale of gold.

The first thing to do before selling gold is to find out about the market prices. Keep in mind that they refer to the hypothesis of 24 karat gold (pure gold) while that of jewellery is 18 karat and therefore it is worth about 35% less, without counting any precious stones included and which would have to be evaluated separately. The Gold nuggets buyer will be having the best choices there.

Where to Sell the Gold? Advice for Sale

If you are wondering where to sell gold, the answer is: at the jeweller who sold the products, at the metal counter or in one of the shops set up for the purchase of used gold. If you have a particularly important or expensive piece of jewellery and you know the jeweller who sold it to you, you can try to propose the purchase again: he may be interested. Alternatively, today there are dozens and dozens of gold shops that can satisfy your needs but be careful.

Do not stop at the first buy gold near the house; try to take a tour of the various activities in the area and write down their offers. Don’t be told just the price per gram, you need to know what is the net (i.e. what you are entitled to without counting any taxes) of the total products.

Everyone is looking for a place to sell gold at the best price. But know that if the price for used gold is 20 dollars, no one will buy it for 30 dollars per gram. Advertising that says otherwise is certainly misleading; it probably refers to the cost per gram of pure gold with particular characteristics. Do not be under any illusions: the prices are those, it is useless to travel hours to reach a gold shop that promises prices absolutely out of the market. Try to go to the metal counters, where you can sell your jewels and gold in all transparency.

Pay Attention to Transparency

When you go to a gold buyer, don’t assume they are a professional. Of course, most traders are absolutely honest people who don’t want to cheat. However, there are also those who are dishonest and could buy gold at a price below its value.

When you go to someone who buys used gold, the procedure is quite simple: you should be asked for an identity document, and then you use an ad hoc cleaner to evaluate if the gold is pure, weigh it and consequently estimate the value per gram, multiplying it by the weight. This will be the best option for you.