Home Remedies for Cat Vomiting

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It is an awful sight when your playful cat can’t move from her bed because she feels tired of vomiting frequently throughout the day. Cat owners often don’t understand the reason for their cats throwing up. The other day your cat seemed fine but the very next day it started refusing food because of frequent vomiting. There can be multiple reasons leading to your cat throwing up, such as food allergy, hair in her food, metabolic disorders, or even digestion problems.

If you notice your cat vomiting a lot, make sure you consult your nearest vet as soon as possible. Plus, you can try some home remedies to tackle her health issue.

1. Give her a bland diet

Cats love to get small treats frequently. But you need to stop that habit temporarily if you want her to recover quickly. Try withholding food and water for at least two hours. Your cat’s stomach may be going through a lot. Keeping it engaged with various types of food will result in more irritation. You can even let your cat fast for a while. If your cat doesn’t mind fasting for a couple of hours, you can treat her with some tuna juice.

Apart from tuna juice, you should also give her water to drink every two hours. This is a test to understand if she is vomiting after consuming liquids or not. If she isn’t throwing up, you can move to a bland diet. Make sure you follow the diet that the vet prescribed. Alternatively, you can also boil some chicken or buy the best cat food in UK and feed your cat. But don’t give her too much in one sitting. Make her follow the bland diet for at least two days. After that, you can reintroduce her regular diet.

2. Add a pinch of catnip

Catnip can calm your cat’s upset stomach. Sometimes your cat may get food poisoning that leads to frequent vomiting. Adding a pinch of catnip will cure your cat’s stomach. Although there are a few other herbs available, most vets prescribe catnips because of its fast-action treatment.

In addition to catnip, you can also try other natural options like Bach Flower Essences, kefir, and other homeopathy remedies. But you should always consult your nearest vet before trying these options. You need to understand the appropriate dosage for your cat.

3. Reduce hairballs from your room

Cats often throw up hairballs while vomiting. This means their hairs lie around in the house that mixes with their food. You can stop this by brushing your cat regularly to remove excess fur from her body. This will prevent her from shedding her body hair all around the house.

Doctors often prescribe olive oil for your baby. Consider your kitty as your baby too. Give her some olive oil every week to help her digest her food easily. A teaspoon a week is enough to pass hairballs through her stool.

Cats look adorable when they are playful. On the other hand, they seem like old, bedridden men if they stay bundled on their couch after throwing up. Therefore, try these home remedies to stop your cat from vomiting any time soon.