How Do You Promote Your Profile As A Writer?

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If you want to be a successful writer, you need to enjoy good visibility in the industry. Without enjoying good visibility one cannot hope to be successful and hope to make any money as a writer. You will therefore have to promote your profile as a writer. This is an ongoing requirement and not just a onetime requirement. To keep your profile continually visible you need to make consistent efforts. 

You could promote yourself in a number of ways and many think that they will enjoy good visibility by promoting their work in the social media platforms. Yes, of course social media sites can drive some visibility but you will have to do much more than that to enjoy the required level of visibility. 

People need to regularly see your work and for that you need to write regularly. Often writers lack the motivation to keep writing especially during the initial stages of their career as a writer when no one is showing any interest in their work. In such situations you should participate in the writing contests. This will give you a very good level of visibility and you will also be able to get feedbacks on your work from the other writers and also from the judges of the contest. 

Profile building and visibility building are very effective in building a successful career as a writer. People need to know that there is something like you in the industry so that they can start searching for your work. When you do not promote your profile adequately, no one will know that you even exist. This is where writing contests could prove to be useful. Each time you participate in any writing contest, you will notice that your work reaches more people. This will register your name in the industry and over a period people who are interested in reading and the other writers will become familiar with your name. 

Only when you make all the above efforts you can expect things to change. If you are not willing to make any changes to your approach or willing to make the required efforts then you will continue to be an obscure writer who no one knows. You can get started right away; start by joining the free writing competitions and you will feel motivated to write something in case you have written anything for quite a while. 

At any given point of time, many contests are being organized and you need to do your homework to select the best writing contests in the industry. Look for contests organized by reputed organizers so that it is of some value to your profile. Many reputed contest organizers organize contests regular and announce handsome cash rewards. Finding such contests will help you go a long way in finding the most trusted contests online. Check the terms and conditions for the contest before joining so that you know what exactly you are getting into when you join a writing contest.