How to Maintain Your Washing Machine to Prolong Its Lifespan

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Since washing clothes is a back-breaking and time-consuming household chore, most people rely on a washing machine to automate the task. That’s why it is significant for this machine to keep on working, especially when it’s time to wash bed sheets, curtains, blankets, and towels. Practicing the recommended maintenance steps can make your washing machine work to its full capacity for years. The following are some of the usual maintenance tips recommended by washing machine manufacturers and suppliers like https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/laundry.

Do deep cleaning of your machine.

After a certain period, your washing machine may have reduced efficiency. Suddenly the clothes come out not as clean as before. Often this is because of the micro residuals in the water. This can be eliminated through deep cleaning. You can use a potent machine cleaner to get rid of the scaling without damaging the parts.

Check water hoses and replace if necessary.

You have to check the hoses for any sign of fraying, cracking, bulging, and leaking around the ends. If ever there are problems with the hose, it’s better to replace it. Usually the hose lasts for 3 to 5 years.

Make sure to clean the rubber gasket.

The rubber gasket is a crucial part of the machine, and it suffers from the usual wear and tear. This part protects the clothes from being ruined by the machine and your hands from being hurt by the machine’s sharp edges. Every time the washing machine door is opened, micro dust particles can enter it. They usually accumulate on the sides and edges of the gasket. It is best to clean the rubber gasket every week. Use a damp cloth in cleaning it.

Clean the machine’s lint filter.

A semi-automatic washing machine often comes with a lint filter, which is located inside the washing tub. Its role is to remove lints and dirt particles and collect them in a bag. This filter has to be cleaned from time to time. When you have a full filter, it won’t be able to collect debris from the water.Ths debris may stick to your clothes or to the machine’s walls. It can reduce the machine’s performance and lifespan.

Don’t overload your machine.

Follow the suggested amount of water and load. Large or bulky items are better washed in small loads since they can mean more work for the machine. Too much water or load will prevent the machine from rotating properly. This will also have an impact on the drum’s circular motion, and you will end up with clothes that are not thoroughly cleaned.

Use the right detergent.

Use a detergent powder that is not too harsh or does not have high alkaline content since this will damage your clothes as well as the machine in the long run.