How to Make Your Dental Office More Inviting


Let’s face it, a lot of people hate going to the dentist. If you’re a dentist, you’ve likely experienced many different varieties of patients throughout the year who are fairly open about that fear. In fact, it’s estimated that up to 20% of Americans avoid their dental visits due to fear and dental anxiety.

If you’re one of these patients, then it’s likely you had some sort of poor experience in the past that makes you want to continue avoiding heading into the dentist’s office. While this is understandable, both dentists and patients can work together to create a better and more seamless office visit. Keep reading to learn how to make and model a dental office that’s more inviting for even the most anxious patients.

Model best practices.

One reason why some patients may be reluctant to go into the dentist’s office is that they don’t have any sort of professional relationship with their dentist. Nowadays, many dental offices are commercialized by large corporations taking out the personal touches and relationships that traditional office visits tend to foster.

This isn’t the case at Matthew Wimmer Dental, as this is a privately owned practice that prides itself on the incredibly important personal touch that goes a long way with patients. As a nervous patient, you want to know that your needs, comfort, and desires are at the forefront of your visit. Plus, Dr. Wimmer is accepting new patients, and their office has services like sedation dentistry for those in need.

So, by maintaining an independent nature and friendly environment with patients as modeled by Dr. Wimmer, you build trust that allows them to feel less anxious when dropping in for their visits. Though it may seem simple, practicing this form of dentistry where patients feel welcomed and like they can talk to you about their options is a much better way to promote visits rather than a less-than-personal approach which makes customers feel like a business transaction instead of a cared-for patient.

Make sure the exterior is welcoming.

Another seemingly simple way to help bring in patients is to make the exterior of your dental office more welcoming. One way to do this is to make sure your building looks clean and well-kept by hiring a pressure washing company to get your office’s brick or siding looking clean and fresh.

A power wash is a great way to get rid of dirt, mold, algae, moss, and grime that builds up on any outdoor surface. Pressure washing eliminates the unsightly buildup of all of these substances which contributes to a lackluster entrance for your office space.

Overall, it’s ideal to hire someone for your office’s pressure wash because they know the exact PSI to use that will get your building the optimal results without any damages. Not to mention, you can focus on revamping the interior while the experts get the job done on the outside. In addition to pressure washing, consider utilizing other services like gutter cleaning, window cleaning services, or landscaping that will have your office looking better than ever. With this clean and pleasant exterior, your patients may feel more eager to step into their appointment.

Prioritize homey touches.

If you’re trying to make the interior design of your office more inviting, there’s no better way than to add some indoor hanging plants that add color and tranquility to your office. After all, no patients enjoy sitting in a small, drab dentist’s office that feels cold and sterile. Take the steps to make your office more relaxing for patients by hanging up indoor plants near any facing window. Some hanging plants that are easy to care for include the heartleaf philodendron, English ivy, and string of pearls.

A few regular indoor plants that don’t require hanging and still make the perfect in-office addition are the spider plant, Boston fern, staghorn fern, or succulent. These plant varieties are excellent choices because they add a homey, cozy feel at little cost. Not to mention, plants have the ability to make people feel relaxed and soothed. So, by opting to have hanging planters and perfectly potted plants in your patient’s sight, you’re also working to promote a sense of calm for them too.

Offer comfort items that ease nerves.

The final touch that you can make to make your dental office more inviting is to allow patients access to comfort items. Allow patients to bring in their headphones to listen to their music while work is being performed, install a small television in the office to let them play their favorite TV show to distract them during dental work, or offer fidgeting devices like spinners or clickers that help relax their senses.

Some dental offices pay attention to the fine details that make a difference in the comfort of their patients. For example, buying comfortable and well-made dental chairs is one way to ensure patient comfort throughout dental procedures. Another thoughtful touch is having soundproof headphones and blankets for patients upon their request. Regardless of what you want to provide at your dental office, it’s safe to say these extra touches will have your patients feeling safe and more welcomed than any dentist visit before.