How to Prevent Waste Water Contamination in Your Commercial Space

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Sydney, the capital city of New South Wales, Australia, is a massive metropolitan having a total land area of 12,144 square kilometres. Because of this huge land area, Sydney is divided into different regions. One of these regions is the Upper North Shore which includes the suburbs located on the northern side of the Sydney Harbor Bridge until it reaches the Hornsby Shire. The term North Shore is not a legal term, nor does it describe a jurisdiction. The term North Shore Sydney is only used to refer to the region.

There are many commercial centres in the North Shore, especially in the North Sydney and Chatswood districts. If you are an entrepreneur and want to open a North Shore business, you will need to rent an office space where you can set up shop. If you plan to rent out a commercial space, you have to make sure that everything is working properly, including the utilities and the plumbing. Plumbing problems such as sewer water contamination will drive away your customers because of the odour. Fortunately, you can hire a plumbing upper north shore sydney company to check the plumbing system of the space you are planning to rent.

How Waste Water Should Drain

Sewage or wastewater should drain freely into the sewer systems located underground. Any wastewater that you use in your commercial space must flow through small pipes that will eventually lead to bigger pipes located underground, leading to a wastewater treatment facility within your area. However, when the sewage system is blocked, wastewater may find its way back up the drains of the lowest part of your space. When this return of sewage water happens, you will have a problem with your tenants or customers who will complain about the odour. Wastewater will have bacteria that will produce a distinct foul odour.

Prevention is Better than Cure. There is an adage that says that prevention is better than cure. When you rent a commercial space, you need to check whether your plumbing system, especially the wastewater system, is draining properly. You need to know that water and other soluble materials such as faeces and urine are the only things that must flow through your wastewater line. Other materials such as grease and oil may solidify in cooler temperatures and cause blockage to your wastewater plumbing.

If you plan to use the commercial space for a restaurant or food business, it is important to have a separate provision for the disposal of used oil or grease. Never pour down grease and oil down the sink or toilet. Likewise, avoid flushing solid materials in your toilets. This practice will prevent you from needing to contact a plumbing upper north shore sydney company to unclog your sewer pipes for you.

Likewise, it is important to know where the wastewater cleanout is located. You can find the cleanout pipe near your proper line and it rises above the sewer line, usually four inches above the ground. If you cannot find the cleanout pipe, you can ask a commercial plumber to locate it for you. You can also hire a plumbing upper north shore sydney service company to check if your sewer line allows a smooth wastewater flow. There are times when the blockage is no longer located within your property line but is connected with your community’s main wastewater system. If this happens, you need to involve the Department of Public Works and Services with jurisdiction over your area.