Important Information About HDMI Cables 

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HDMI cables are used to connect devices in a home theater or TV set up. They are capable of passing audio and video signals. The devices that are equipped with HDMI connections are –

  • TV, PC monitors, projectors
  • Cable or satellite boxes
  • DVRs
  • UHD players, Blu-ray, DVD
  • Home theater receivers
  • PCs/laptops
  • Media streamers
  • Digital cameras, smartphones, camcorders
  • Game consoles

What is the meaning of HDMI?

High definition Multimedia Interface or HDMI standard was developed to enhance the transfer of uncompressed audio data and digital video from a source to video projectors, TV, Monitors, consoles, etc. Before its introduction, HD TVs were constrained to DVI, which carries only video signals but not audio.

HDMI carries both signals audio and video along with Consumer Electronics Control, Digital data Channel, and Ethernet data connection. Several HDMI versions have developed since its initial introduction.

HDMI cable versions

On Prime Cables, an online electrical store you will find different types of HDMI cables. Each one differs in their capabilities depending on the associated HDMI version and signal transfer speed.

  • Standard HDMI cable
  • Standard Automotive HDMI cable
  • High-speed HDMI cable
  • High-speed Automotive HDMI cable
  • Premium High-speed HDMI cable
  • Ultra-High-speed HDMI cable
  • Ethernet in-built HDMI cable

HDMI connector types

Depending on the application, you can choose HDMI end-connectors.

  • Type A or Regular size
  • Type C or Mini size
  • Type D or Micro size
  • Type E or Automotive size

HDMI can be combined with non-HDMI connections like HDMI/DVI or HDMI/MHL or HDMI/USB-C or HDMI/DisplayPort.

Additional features of HDMI cables

  • Passive HDMI cables
  • Active or Amplified HDMI cables
  • Optical HDMI cables

Are the gold-plated HDMI cables worthy?

Gold is worse in conducting electricity in comparison to copper, even though the difference is indiscernible. However, the key reason for using gold is that it does not oxidize like copper. Oxidization can hamper conductivity strength over time, especially, if your residence is in a moist and humid region. Therefore, gold plated HDMI cable is valuable.

What about the HDMI cable length?

HDMI cables suffer from degradation of signal because of its length. The maximum reliable length recommended is 30 feet. However, in stores, you can hardly find HDMI cables with a length of more than 25 feet.

Game consoles and Blu-ray players can be kept closer to the monitor or TV but home theater systems can create an issue because its components lie all across the entertainment space. You can look for extenders to spool the lengthy HDMI cables under the carpets and all across.

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