Lack Of Sports Events during the Pandemic – How Is the Sports Betting Industry Dealing?

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It has already been more than 10 months now that the World Health Organization officially announced the Coronavirus to be a situation of pandemic. More than a hundred nations are presently battling the threat of the virus and there are several industries that are getting affected.

The sports industry is hard hit by the pandemic. Since the start of the month of March, have been several associations and leagues that have cancelled their sports event and many fans of the sports betting industry have been heart-broken due to that. The lack of sports events within the next few weeks is affecting the sports betting industry, as you will see if you login to raging bull online casino.

Presently, there are several land-based or brick-and-mortar casinos worldwide that have been ordered to close down in order to contain the spread of the virus. Because of this, the operators are more focused on their online audiences. There are several online bookies like Ladbrokes that are still operating at the present moment. These are the bookies that offer online casino games to the customers.

It is not just about giving the customers more options with regards to betting but it also ensures that they remain in business amidst such a scary pandemic situation. The co-founder of an investment firm for sports industries have pointed out that it is the land bookies that are hitting hard right now.

Chris Bevilaqua said that they don’t have customers now and that a lot is going to undergo some monetary hardship. The sportsbook with online services are considered lucky as they can still choose to run their business constantly. There are online bookies like DraftKings and FanDuel who are currently focusing on Daily Fantasy Sports businesses.

Besides them, there are other sports bookies that have launched the best betting pools on topics like TV shows and politics. People can now wager on temperatures in various cities and also on the final song that’ll be played on the season finale of American Idol! Can you imagine the level of betting that are being offered to people?

In countries like Russia, things also begin to look the same for the local betting industry. The bookmakers in Russia are currently offering odds on events that aren’t related to sports. This is why the Russian bookies have brought in new categories on their websites that are dedicated to betting on the pandemic. This includes placing bets on when Moscow will announce a complete lockdown and when there can be a buckwheat shortage in all the stores.

Apart from this, there are bookies that shift their focus towards online sports. That which is great about esports tournaments is that they can push through with events that they have since the matches are all conducted online. Esports can actually play a vital role in the betting industry during such times.

Therefore, this is how the entire gambling industry is changing according to the pandemic situation. If you too have to be a part of this pandemic, you need to adjust your life.