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The world is an amazing place. There’s so much to see and do people can barely take it all in. Living a great life means having every opportunity to live up to that possibility. When people look around them, they see so much. People want to grasp it all with both hands. They also want to find ways to engage their heart, mind, spirit and body at the same time. One of the best ways to get this done is with the use of exercise. Exercises opens so many doors at once. When people have a chance to participate in classes such as online yoga, they get the tools they need to be better at doing anything they want in the world. They also have the chance to connect all the senses and the mind along the way. This helps them connect everything inside of them and make it work.

Anywhere You Like

The globe doesn’t stop. It’s a twenty-four hour a day, seven day a week world out there. People often themselves on the go. They need to find ways to engage in with the world on their terms. They also need to find ways to disengage with the world on their terms. This is where finding an online yoga class can be of crucial help. People often have occasional pauses in their day where they can take a breather and relax if only for a few minutes. These are the times when it is possible to reach out to the world. Such small moments mean a chance to get in touch with one’s innermost thoughts and feelings while also finding ways to engage with the body at the very same time. Working with Glo and taking online yoga classes can provide such needed moments that are about fully letting go of life’s rush.

A Whole New Journey

Every single day is about finding a new path. Each day offers something special. Each day also offers the chance to find a new way to enjoy life. With help from those at Glo, it is possible to make the most of every single day. The online yoga classes they provide are about being able to help people feel good. They are also about being able to help people fit in the moments they to feel that way any time they want. A class with them means a class that isn’t centered around someone else’s needs. It also means a class that isn’t about catching about up with others and forcing one’s body to follow in that person’s footsteps. Instead, each class is about allowing people to discover what they need when they have the time in their own lives.

Anywhere You Want

Anywhere is everywhere right now. People are no longer confined to a single location. Glo is a truly modern company that recognizes this process and seeks to make the most of it. They work hard to help ensure that their classes in yoga and pilates are there for each client when it is most convenient for them. They also work hard to ensure that everyone can reach out to them for help any time. The portable classes they offer here are classes that can be done just about anywhere the person wants. They can be done in office spaces. They can be done on a commuter train platform or in the middle of a garden or any space where the person has some time. This kind of portable exercise is a great chance. It means that anyone can really reach their innate personal potential.

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There’s no question that along with a general feeling of anxiety, many of us are tired, drained, and simply spent. Perhaps this mandatory pause has made many of us realize how exhausted we actually are, more aware that we’ve been running on empty and using adrenaline as a means to just keep going. The aggressive pace we’ve set for ourselves in order to have it all and do it all has really just left us with the opposite of “it all”: no energy and no reserves. We are living in unprecedented times and many of us don’t know what to do with ourselves. But we can actually do something extremely valuable. We can REST. When we feel tired, we often say we feel it in our bones. What we are trying to express is that we feel it in the deepest parts of ourselves. On top of simply resting, a Supported Child’s Pose is incredibly rejuvenating. The “supported” part can simply look like placing a pillow or two under your chest. That way, no part of your body needs to hold itself up—the support allows you to let go fully. To get into Legs Up a Wall Pose, lie on your side in a fetal position with your sit bones near a wall (if you don’t have a clean wall, you can use the back of a door). Stay at least 6 inches away from the wall as you roll onto your back and stretch your legs upward towards the ceiling. Your arms can be by your side or hands on the belly. Lastly, simply lie down and listen to some Yoga Nidra practices. We have many to choose from of varying lengths on Glo. Now more than ever is a time to allow yourself to feel exactly what you feel. Yoga, breathing, and meditation will not “fix” you, but they are tools to help you build up resilience in this time of uncertainty.

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