Modern business cards for the unique touch

60 modern business cards to make a killer first impression ...

You launched your business and the locals are passing by thinking it as another whole on the wall nook. But you want more than just a nook. So you go back to basics. And what is considered as basics when it comes to popularizing your venture? Business cards! So you go down to the rabbit hole called the internet and plan to make online business cards. Start looking for fresh, new, and unique designs for your brand representation.

It is indeed a rabbit hole, because of so many varieties and you are more confused than satisfied. Which particular font will be clear for easy reading? Which material will be striking? Is the neon paint a bit too glaring? The muted pastel shades are too boring! And oh! Let’s not forget about the dear mother nature, let’s not hurt her. So, “eco-friendly” is added to the list too with three hundred fifty-seven different options. So let’s dive into it a bit deeper, shall we?

Business cards have been in the scene for decades. Like evolving fashion, the styling of cards also changed and is changing every day. Gone are the good old days of rectangular cards. Let’s welcome the vertical business cards templates along with other several types.


Choose a font that represents you and your brand image. The same goes for the color tones and materials of the card too. The base materials range from metal to plastic, fiber. Cloth and paper-based cards are best if you want to make a nature-friendly image for yourself.


If your business ventures on creative marketing just go with the illustrations, watercolors, crazy patterns for the cards, since these particular illustrated pieces are very unique and personal touch. 

3D embossing

3D embossing is the smart choice for the distinctive touch as your brand’s representation. Living in 2020 but can we let go of vintage fashion? From the rubber stamps to the seal on rust-colored cards, they are the typography for the added elegance yet modern mark. 

The options are huge. But always go with what you feel accurately represents your brand and easily deliver the message of what services you are catering to your future consumers.