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Many players are convinced that they are very good when in reality they play without strategy and their wins are pure luck. In fact, when their luck runs out and they find themselves playing against strong players who know strategy well, they realize that poker, if you want to play it professionally, requires a little study.

However, we must not see the study of poker as school study and therefore as an obligation, otherwise all the fun of the game ends.

This study must be seen as a necessary step to improve one’s skills and to be able to win more

In this article we want to give some advice, some maybe obvious others less obvious, but always all important. Remember that as you play poker, each player can build their own strategy, but there are some fundamental precautions that should be part of any game strategy.

  • A very common mistake made by both novice and experienced players is to play too many starting hands, at least just for the pleasure of seeing the flop. This is a very wrong thing!
  • Curiosity is certainly strong, and it will often happen that you rightly leave little useful hands and then discover that with the community cards you could have won: an example could be a 2-10 of a different suit that you obviously discard, and a flop that gives 10-2-10, and therefore a hard-to-beat full house.
  • But do not let such situations push you to always see the hand, even if you are the small blind, do not make the reasoning “I have already placed half the bet, so in order not to waste it I call the other half and enter the game”, but think that if you don’t have a decent hand you can save that half bet!

If your starting hand is good and you decide to see the flop, your subsequent actions from then on must be based on your Pot Odds in dominoqq.

Using the Odds

Always keep a player profile that is unclear and readable for others: don’t always play with the same style, don’t always raise or play only the same hands, it’s true that we said not to play all hands but at the same time you have to ‘Vary your style in such a way that opponents will never be sure if you are bluffing or what type of hand you have.

Bluffing is an important part of poker, but it’s not for everyone: don’t get carried away, because too much bluffing could only lead to ruin.