Must-Have Live Sound and Studio Gear in a Home Studio

Home Recording Studio Setup [8 Essentials You REALLY Need]

Setting up a home studio can seem daunting with the amount of time, money and the overwhelming number of options for recording equipment available in the market. Figuring out the right live sound and studio gear that suits their individual needs is a must for aspiring or professional singers, music producers, songwriters, musicians, or music enthusiasts. The studio equipment they own influences their sound quality and good sound quality is essential in creating good music. But setting up a home studio need not be a physically, mentally or monetarily draining process. Knowing the right tools available on the right platform is vital in building a home studio that can produce good functionality and quality music. Along with the necessary instruments, here are some of the essential gear required to set up a home studio.

Microphone and Boom Stands

A good microphone with a strong boom microphone stand is one of the most basic and essential recording equipment for a studio. A microphone helps the musician record the sounds from the instrument and the vocals in high quality. One can decide on the number of microphones based on the magnitude of their work done in the studio. It is important to note that there are different kinds of mics available that are better suited for vocals and instruments. Typically, a home studio has one or two microphones with a tripod boom stand and round base stand for singers, and a low profile stands for drum kits and guitar cabs.


A good quality studio headphone is a must for singers, musicians and music producers. It allows them to listen to their vocals and music in a natural and detailed manner in any volume they’d want. The lightweight, cushioned headphones are designed for studio recording and mixing to produce accurate results. There are two types of studio headphones available namely, open-back and closed-back headphones. Open-back headphones are great for mixing as they produce the optimum sound quality. Close-back headphones are better suited for tracking vocals and music as it has the feature to isolate the sounds more efficiently. 

Pop Filter

Pop filters are some of the pro studio items that are relatively affordable and produce professional quality music. This filter is usually made of metal or mesh and is circular. It is designed to catch blasts of air that is produced from the vocals before it hits the mic. During recording, this filter is placed between the microphone and the singer to reduce the popping and thumping sounds that are produced in words that have the sounds p’s and b’s in them. This allows for the output to be more clean, desirable and professional. 

Microphone and Extension Cables

Although they might not be at the forefront, good quality cables are essential for the proper functioning of the studio equipment. A balanced XLR cable ensures that top quality sound is transferred from the mic to the computer. They also help connect multiple pieces of equipment and make mixing easier especially when one is going live. 

Studio Monitors or Speakers

Monitor speakers give a clean output of the music produced removing artificial treble, boosting bass or other frequencies. This especially helps with mixing as the person hears the sound as it comes and the presence of a good studio speaker impacts the production of the music.

Whether it’s a beginner, intermediate or a professional studio, researching all the live sound and studio gear, finding the right platform, and deciding based on reviews and recommendations is a great way to find the equipment that meets one’s needs.