Parx casino makes Pennsylvania sports betting a reality

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With the full legalization of sports betting throughout the state of Pennsylvania in May of 2019, residents are now able to place bets with the security and safety that only comes from a regulated and taxed betting regime.

A number of casinos have been authorized to provide gaming services under the watchful eye of the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, offering sports betting to residents throughout the state. One of these is Parx Casino, a venerable casino with a more than 45-year history of providing Pennsylvania residents with excellent gaming Services.

 Parx Casino brings Vegas-style sports betting to all Pennsylvania residents

Some of the most attractive benefits of the recent legalization of Pennsylvania sports betting have been the ability of companies like Parx Casino to offer their services online.

Never before has it been possible for residents within the state to legally engage in Pennsylvania sports betting. This is a big deal for those who like to wager on their favorite sporting events. Prior to the advent of legalized Pennsylvania sports betting, the only way that residents throughout the state were able to place bets on their favorite games was through using offshore bookmakers. Many of these companies were operating in complete contravention of both state and federal laws. And this brought many problems.

Players who took the risks associated with illegal offshore sportsbooks were often disappointed to find that when it came time to cash out big wins the companies in question simply would not pay. Another issue that sports bettors faced within Pennsylvania was the near impossibility of moving funds to and from offshore sportsbooks. Oftentimes requiring elaborate schemes just to get paid on small bets, many sports bettors previously found that attempting to engage in Pennsylvania sports betting with offshore operators was not worth the effort.

Today, that has all changed. With the introduction of fully legalized sports betting throughout the state, companies like Parx are able to offer their customers the safety and security that comes with a 45-year history of providing top-flight gaming experiences as well as a long history of prompt and accurate payouts.

 Parx Casino also allows its customers a wide range of common payment methods. These include credit cards, third-party payment processors like PayPal and direct bank transfers. Additionally, sports bettors have the added security of knowing that they are dealing with a casino that has a brick-and-mortar presence with a history of satisfied customers that spans more than four decades. Customers may opt to immediately pick up their money at Parx Casino’s Philadelphia location in person should they choose to do so.

Largest selection of sporting events to bet on

Since opening its physical sportsbook in May of 2019, Parx Casino has proven that it’s capable of keeping up with the most revered sportsbooks in the country.

 Parx Casino offers its customers the ability to bet on a dizzying array of sporting events. For those who like popular, mainstream sports, such as the NFL, Major League Baseball or the NBA, Parx Casino allows a wide range of betting types on those games.

However, Parx Casino also allows customers to bet on thousands of other sporting events, including less popular or less widely viewed events, such as women’s collegiate volleyball, rowing or mixed martial arts.

Customers are also able to avail themselves of a wide range of bet types. For beginners, placing straightforward bets, such as point spreads or moneylines, will often be the right choice. For more experienced fighters, Parx Casino offers a wide range of more sophisticated betting options, such as parlays, teasers and proposition bets.