Pros and cons for Cork Flooring

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We percieve numerous products produced from cork every day. Cork may be used stoppers for bottles of wine, story boards in offices, and flask covers in laboratories. Additionally, cork may be used interior flooring for commercial companies and residences. Construction companies in Europe used cork flooring for more than a hundred years. Although it has in addition been based in the u . s . states . States for a while, it acquired recognition only lately.

Can it be an excellent decision to make use of this type of flooring in your own home? That will assist you decide, let us consider the pros and cons of cork flooring.


Most likely the best component that introduced to the increase in recognition of cork as being a flooring can it be is eco-friendly. Many parts all over the world, specially the u . s . states . States have become eco conscious. Growing figures of individuals are selecting products and building materials that don’t harm the weather. Within the situation of cork flooring, from production to installation, the product is definite to get eco-friendly.

Cork is created inside the bark in the cork oak tree that might just be found in the Mediterranean region. The tree features a existence time period of 250 years. Every nine years, a layer of bark is gradually removed inside the tree. A skinny layer is permitted to stay to develop. This might once more be harvested after nine years. Since just the bark is gradually removed, the tree is anticipated to reside in its existence expectancy.

The removed bark is processed within the plant that creates cork stoppers for bottles of wine. Excess bark is collected and reprocessed to create cork floorings of several sizes and shapes. Installing flooring may sometimes use glues which can be dangerous for that atmosphere. However, many installers choose eco-friendly glues.

Another excuse why cork flooring is becoming very popular is its characteristics. Cork is soft yet durable. It truly does work like a thin cushion when utilized just like a flooring. Additionally, since it may be created in many sizes and shapes, matching the flooring for that overall theme within the room will be simpler.

About about all about cork floors possess a extended existence time since they are very durable. Broken portions might be repaired by a few sanding and recoating. They’re also fireresistant, non-toxic, and stop the development of molds, bacteria, and mildew.


The primary challenge with about about all about cork floors is the fact they are pricey. They could be 4 occasions the price of standard flooring options for example tiles. Be it to obtain put into a large area, your price of materials plus labor might not be appealing to many individuals.

Although cork is durable, it may be broken by sharp objects for example rearfoot footwear along with the nails of dogs and cats. Much care must be labored to influence obvious from the flooring from being broken prematurely.

About about all about cork floors will fade faster when uncovered to sunlight. A great way to prevent this is often to possess Ultra crimson protection placed on home home home windows meaning additional costs.