Read This to Know About Few Common Mistakes that People Make While Floor Sanding

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If you are looking for a spectacular house with a beautiful floor then your timber flooring sanding and polishing work must be done perfectly. The finish of the flooring will make a lot of difference between a spectacular house and a mediocre one.

No doubt, timber flooring will offer a classy look whether it is a modern building or an old vintage home. Hence, careful planning and thought must be made while selecting your floor sanding and polishing contractor, which must be selected from the website of FlooringDomain where you can get many professionals in this field.

A mistake of any kind can be a very costly one and you may repent for it for a very long time.

Therefore, ensure that you do not end up committing any of the following mistakes.

1.    Using any wrong sandpaper

Often people make the mistake of using the wrong type of sandpaper. You must use both rough and fine sandpapers. You will need different sandpapers at a different stage and that you must know very well to get a better sanding finish.

2.    Not taking enough from your surface

When you start your sanding work then usually you can notice that all scratches and dirt are going away too soon. Often people mistake that it is enough and they stop doing it further. However, it needs much more sanding otherwise the same stain will soon reappear as the removal of stain is not enough.

3.    Not sanding diagonally

Often people continue to sand only in one direction rather one should do many other directions too. Often diagonal sanding can also yield better results.

4.    Sanding edges

Sanding edges can be the toughest job but the good part is that often sanding at the edges may not be needed and don’t waste your time on that.

5.    Not changing the sandpaper

Soon your sandpaper will lose its coarseness and hence you need to change it rather than continuing with the same one.

6.    Going too hard only on damaged areas

You will learn more while sanding your floors, particularly on the damaged areas. This will be especially in those areas where you have on your floor that are particularly uneven or they have deep damages. Do not keep going over only these spots again and again or you may end up wearng your timber.

7.    Using a very poor quality finish

The finish that you use on the floor is not the area where you will save your money as it can make lots of difference to your aesthetic and also the longevity of the floor. You must shop around to get the best finish possible and must do your research to get the best tools and use the right product.

8.    Not taking the help of professionals

If you are planning to go DIY way to do the floor sanding then remember it is very time-consuming and laborious work. If you feel that you are not getting a proper finish as per your expectation then don’t hesitate to consult any professionals.