Seven Things You Should Know About Sea Freight

7 Interesting Facts About the Shipping Industry You Should Know!

Freight Forwarding is one of the most prevalent transporting methods on a global scale. It works out the best for both commercial and personal purposes. Companies that deal in logistics services carry goods from one destination to another via three modes – road freight, sea freight, and air freight. You need guidance at every step before hiring a freight forwarding company for sea freight services. 

Here are the seven important things you should know about Freight Forwarders:

  • Services

It is quite evident from its name that its services are hugely valuable. Freight forwarders have a specialized team of experts for the supply chain management. It comprises the below-mentioned tasks:

  • Packaging
  • Insurance of goods
  • Customs
  • Inventory Management
  • International Import/Export Documentations

Before hiring an international sea freight forwarder, make sure the company provides the services you require.

  • Stress-free

For handling particular tasks on a commercial level, experience matters a lot. An expert forwarder helps to lessen the stress. Every project has its timeline to accomplish. To overcome such obstacles, your potential sea freight service provider can help you out. 

It is an integral part of the sea cargo business to stay updated with the large shipment details. Your experts know the entire documentation procedure and when to present them.

  • Delays

In International Shipping Supply Lines, delays are inevitable. In such cases, you cannot blame your company. The main reasons behind such delays include bad weather, port delays, and mechanical breakdowns. All such causes are out of control of your freight forwarder.

Such uninvited delays can lead to frustration. It’s is in the hands of your service provider to resolve the issue quickly and professionally.

  • Stages

The process of freight forwarding can be disintegrated into the following six steps:

  • Export Haulage – Transfer goods from the manufacturer to the freight forwarder’s warehouse.
  • Export Customs Clearance – Goods to be transferred must receive clearance to leave its country of origin.
  • Origin Handling – When the shipment arrives at the destination, the officials unload the items and check the documents. 
  • Import Customs Clearance – Customs documents are verified by the port authorities to check if everything is in order. 
  • Destination Handling – Received Items are processed to the import warehouse. 
  • Import Haulage – The goods are transferred from the import warehouse to its final destination.

The whole process is not as simple as it seems. To keep the procedure seamless, it is a wise move to hire a sea freight forwarder for help.

  • Documentation – Your sea freight project cannot land successfully without the documentation. Your freight forwarder hands over necessary documents. It helps to avoid the possible legal snarls in the future. 

Documents include an invoice, a certificate of origin statement, a bill of lading, an inspection certificate, an export license, an export packing list, and a shipper’s export declaration. 

  • Labeling and Packaging – Nowadays, freight forwarders have come forth with a new range of services to make the sea freight job even easier for their clients. 

On making a request, they can pack and store your goods along with appropriate labeling for your products. Weight dimensions are included to prevent goods from reaching a dangerous level.

  • Restricted Items – 

There are restrictions on some product categories that cannot be shipped legally to other countries. Such items include toxic elements or flammable substances such as batteries, perishables, sharp objects, drugs, and alcohol. 

To clear your doubts regarding the legality, you can access your sea freight service provider. Moreover, there are some other factors to make your sea freight work easy. It includes storage, legality, network, and so on. A sea freight forwarder will help you to comprehend the legal details across the borders. Consequently, you come to understand how the transportation of goods takes place in foreign countries. 

Your freight forwarder must have an established business in handling the global shipping network. It automatically minimizes travel delays, forwards you the best suitable quote, and removes all the pitfalls that come on the way. Hiring an experienced sea freight forwarder makes your logistics efficient and cost-effective. Don’t forget to take advice at every step from your sea freight service provider.