The Definitive Diamond Buying Guide for Your Engagement Ring

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Choosing an incredible diamond for your engagement rings involves narrowing down your choices according to shape and quality. You must factor in the 4 C’s without overpaying. It is crucial to compare different diamonds to see which one offers the best in terms of brilliance and fire.

Choose the shape of the diamond

The shape of the diamond kicks off the design of the ring. Keep in mind that no shape is superior to the other, and everything will depend on your personal preference or your significant other’s. The most popular shape is round when it comes to engagement rings since it gives off the most brilliance. However, it will have a unique shape, such as square cuts or ovals. If you are unsure about your significant other’s preference, you can ask her family and friends.

Select the weight of the carat

If you are looking for a noticeable stone but not over the top, you must consider carat ranges between .95 to 1.08. Keep in mind that as the weight increases, so does the price. The weight of the carat will have an impact on how large the diamond will be. It will also influence the shape and cut quality.

Choose from several cut qualities

The feature that dramatically impacts the beauty of a diamond is its cut quality. Keep in mind that not all cut grades are standardized across every vendor. 

It is recommended that if you’re looking for a round diamond, you should only consider an ideal or excellent grade diamond. If you are opting for a fancier shape, then it might be beneficial to disregard the cut grade. However, cut quality is critical and is of utmost importance. 

Determining the colour grade and the range

The aim when it comes to the colour of the diamond is, select a diamond that is white. But you don’t need to pay full price for a diamond that has a colourless effect. Diamonds appear white on the G range but cost far less.

It is crucial to know that differentiates which will reflect the colour at different strengths. Your choice of optimal colour should be balanced with the diamond’s appearance and price—factor in the diamond shape you have chosen.

The clarity grade of the stone

When it comes to clarity, you should look for a diamond with an eye clean feature meaning it is free of blemishes or inclusions when seen with the naked eye. Depending on the shape, you can usually purchase an eye-clean diamond in the VS 1 and VS 2 range. There is no need to buy an FL or IF diamond when you can get a lower graded diamond for far less.

Compare your choice with other diamonds

Once you have narrowed down your specifications for a diamond, it is crucial to compare similar diamonds to determine which one to purchase. It would help determine how brilliant the diamond is, whether it is eye clean, and the price range. There are other characteristics to consider, such as fluorescence, polish, as well as symmetry. All of these affect the value and appearance of the diamond to some degree. However, it impacts the quality of the diamond much less than the 4 C’s.

Although you can choose a different stone for your engagement ring, diamonds are the most popular choice. It is also the most meaningful. A premium diamond will have several qualities, and you must be knowledgeable of appraising a diamond to make the best choice for your budget.