The Most Popular Types of Blinds You Can Choose From

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Whether you live in a metropolitan apartment or a suburban townhouse, privacy is always an important matter. To keep prying eyes away from your home, you need custom blinds to cover your windows. Blinds are essential home accessories that have been used for ages.

Blinds are made up of individual metal strips, wood, fabric, or plastic materials adjusted to cover windows. Blinds are easily lowered, raised, or fold it evenly to let light enter a room. Window blinds are made from different materials. You can choose from plastic, wood, faux wood, and metal with each having its pros and cons.

Unlike before, consumers these days enjoy the availability of what is way more convenient and versatile to use than the traditional versions. In this post, let us break down the different styles or types of blinds to give you a broader idea of which one fits your home perfectly.

Vertical Blinds

This type of blind’s design is a series of vertically aligned slats hanging from a track. The most common material used in vertical blinds is fabric or plastic. Vertical blinds are perfect for sliding glass windows since they are installed in a sliding track that works sideways. You can fold and cover your windows back and forth sideways. It offers great privacy and is very convenient to control the amount of light entering the room.

Venetian Blinds

This type of blind didn’t come from that Italian City but in Persia. It was eventually called Venetian blinds because it was popularized in Europe in the late 18th century. Venetian blinds are considered as one of the most popular window treatment types up to this day. This type of blinds is usually found in offices.

Venetian blinds are closely stacked slats. The most common material used for Venetian blinds is fabric or plastic. Its usual slat size is two-inch-wide. Pull the cord or rotate the slats to cover the window to adjust the blinds. Venetian blinds are best installed on windows with narrow frames.

Panel Track Blinds

This type of blinds, meanwhile, is the bigger and thicker version of the vertical blinds. Its system works similarly to vertical blinds. Instead of using the usual two-inch-wide slats, these use large fabric panels. It is perfect for oversized windows, patio doors, and sliding glass doors.

Smart Blinds

Smart technology is becoming more popular these days because of convenience. Aside from smart TVs, smartphones, you can also buy smart custom blinds.

Smart blinds are pretty much the same as other types of blinds. But, you can conveniently close or open it using a remote control, a button, an application on your smartphone, or through voice command. You can close your windows in an instant without manually pulling the blinds to cover them.

What makes smart blinds very convenient is you can program them to open or close according to your preferred time of the day. It also has a feature that lets you control the natural light entering your room. However, smart blinds are not widely available, and they usually come with a hefty price tag.

After reading this post which is virtually a crash course about window blinds, you are more than ready to shop for blinds that perfectly fit your home. But, before you open your browser and start adding blinds to your cart, always remember to choose blinds that are durable, affordable, and fully-functional.