The Truth About Lipozene

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If you’re looking for help losing weight, you may be seeking a weight loss supplement or diet pill. Making the right choice can be difficult if you don’t have all the facts. The advertisements do not always provide the facts; we will try to answer some of your questions here.


Lipozene is a popular weight loss supplement that contains a water-soluble fiber named Glucomannan. In fact, Glucomannan is the only active ingredient in the product. The makers of Lipozene claim you don’t need to change your lifestyle to lose weight, but is this really true? Do statistics support this premise?

About Lipozene

When you hear the advertising claims that state it isn’t necessary to diet or exercise while taking Lipozene, it sounds too good to be true. Like most things, when it sounds too good to be too, it usually is. When you look at the website, they talk about clinical studies, but they don’t provide any details. They also claim 78 percent of each pound a user loses is fat.

Your own research will show that the studies that have been conducted are only on Glucomannan and not on Lipozene itself. In addition, during the studies, the participants followed a 1200 calorie per day diet and exercised. The results of the studies are inconclusive and do not support the advertising claims.

Does Lipozene Promote Weight Loss?

The active ingredient in Lipozene is fiber, and as such, it is unable to boost the metabolism or burn fat. This means you, the user, will need to reduce your caloric intake and exercise more diligently in order to reach your desired weight. This means you will have to restrict the portions of your favorite foods if you want to reduce your body weight.

Fiber is not a fat-burner or metabolism booster; it helps the stomach feel full, so you eat less. It will not stop a person who eats for other reasons such as stress or boredom. It will also not help those who are overweight and eating foods that are high in calories.


Lipozene is not a magic pill and will not allow you to lose weight unless you make changes to your lifestyle such as eating healthier and exercising. You may initially lose a few pounds, but if you want to lose any substantial amount of weight and keep it off, you must make a lifetime commitment to changing the way you eat and continuing your program of exercise even if you only walk, run, bicycle, or swim. Learn more about Lipozene.