Things to Do For Pleasure Seekers in Jakarta: Weekend Activities at Jakarta

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Folks are already planning on the perfect method to spend their time before the weekend comes about. There are a lot of actions which you can do and also many areas. Here, we’ve rounded up a few weekend activity ideas in Jakarta. Well, you always have the option to choose to spend your weekend with those actions with friends or family.

  1. Relax in The Park

Enjoy some greenery Because you’ve spent all your time surrounded by cars and traffic. Freshen up your eyes by relaxing at the playground in Jakarta like the Suropati park. The very best time to go to the park in Jakarta is first in the morning or the afternoon. Just take a long walk in the park or sit to enjoy the atmosphere and the breeze.

  1. Enjoy Art from the National Gallery

If you are the type of person who likes some quiet time think about visiting the Indonesian Art Gallery at Jakarta. The gallery houses many different artworks. They include paintings, sculptures and photography. You may take as much time as you would like to enjoy art in Indonesia.

  1. Jogging

Want to catch up on the missed exercises due to work? Running is the right action for you. Find a place that you prefer to do your jogging. There are numerous spots available in Jakarta full of trees and running tracks. Some of the parks have basketball courts that you may want to test out after running.

  1. Hunt for Antiques

Spend your weekend to hunt for unique items. There are offered from the tiny shops across the Surabaya street. Who knows, you may discover something which over a hundred years old. But you will need to use your bargaining skill to find the best deal. Aside from antiques, a few shops also sell bags or luggage made. Read Shopping Habits in Indonesia.

  1. Attend A Concert

Throughout the weekend, then you may want to attend. Consider online posts or posters on the road. Most concerts are much less expensive as the global ones. In case you don’t have any prospect of obtaining a ticket, it is also possible to enjoy some music that is the community at festivals.

  1. Moving to Car Free Day

Car Free day would be the day when the Sudirman and also Thamrin streets in Jakarta are closed to automobiles. It lasts from 6 PM to 4 AM to approximately 11 AM. During this period, you can perform your morning run or run along the streets. You can cycle or just have a nice walk while watching the people and the activities around you. Individuals in Jakarta will sell street food. You may grab an event through the day like a parade.

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