Top 3 Most Popular Mobile Money Services in Africa

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Mobile Money is one of the services that helped many to get rid of the long line in banks for getting our money. Mobile Money helps to get rid of the long queue of banks to transfer and withdraw money. Using mobile money service is one of the popular trends among the South African population as more people are getting the hang of using mobile money services like ECO cash.

The mobile services like ECO cash are easy to use. For using, Eco Cash you have to pay is small Ecocash fees, which is minuscule in front of comfort and easiness in your life you are going to enjoy by using mobile money services.

What you need from your Money Transfer App

The mobile transfer is convenient that makes it popular in Africa, where banks are not efficient. However, there are many mobile money services available in the market, all thanks to its popularity. All the mobile money services claim to be better than their competition that might make you what to choose.

Not all mobile services are the same. Some provide quicker service than others do, when it comes to international money transfer, you must remember you do have to pay EcoCash fees if you use Eco Cash.

The mobile money services are better than banks and provide quick international money transfer. For people thinking to join the wave of mobile money users in South Africa, here are the top three mobile service apps that you are popular in Africa.

1.  Xoom

Xoom App is Available On Google Play Store and Apple app store. With Xoom, you can pay by using your credit or debit card.


  • One of the fastest mobile money service
  • Easy to use with the excellent user interface
  • Provide Excellent Customer service.

2.  WorldRemit

WorldRemit allows users to make an international transfer for 150 countries. The best part of using World Remit is you can transfer money directly to the bank accounts, cash pick-up location, or mobile wallets.


  • Provides Fast international transfers
  • Low fee and better exchange rates

3.  EcoCash

The Eco Cash launched in the year 2011 in South Africa, till then it has gained a lot of popularity in South Africa. For using Eco cash, all you need is to create an account and complete the KYC.


  • Most popular money transfer service in Africa
  • Easy to use
  • Charge Low Eco Cash Fee on Money transfer
  • Widespread reach in Africa