Top 3 Things to See When You Visit Corsica

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Corsica is said to be one of the amazing places all over the world. People love the scenic beauty, the weather, and everything in this place for which it has become one of the great tourist places. Here, you can see the essence of modernization along with the enjoyment of natural beauty and peace. Here, nature offers its music that people love to cherish always. Today, we are going to give you insight into the 3 most amazing placesin Corsica which are famous for SC Bastia, one of the best Corsica’s football pride here in this blog. 

A Glimpse On Sc Bastia

SC Bastia is one of the famous football groups in Corsica. With time, it has changed its reputation to a great extent. It was founded in 1965 and since then they have successfully performed in every football home game. With their biggest win in 1978, they have become one of the favorite clubs amongst the Corsicans. In the last few years, they have been performing quite nicely that they have got the biggest Corsica’s fan club. 

Top Three Things To See In Corsica

If you are a football fan and this love for this game is driving you to visit this place then without seeing these things in Corsica, your love will remain incomplete definitely. Let’s know about them, 

  • Turchini: 

Bastian fans are also known as Turchini which means “Blues”. Because of their reputation of being the best amongst all the vocal football ultras, they are renowned in the region. Tranchinis, being the fans of Corsican Bastian fans, have quite a good relationship with the Franc as well even after having great disputes. So, if you don’t meet Trunchinis, you may miss the feeling unity in diversity which is the key message of a football game. 

  • Tragedy: 

You also know the tragic moment that is faced by this famous football group. SC Bastia, like any other game groups, has also faced many ups and downs in their entire survival period. Once, during a match in Marseille’s massive Cup Fixture in the year 1992, a terrace collapsed and 18 of the fans died and many others were injured. This tragic moment also couldn’t stop the fans from their desperately loving the team. 

  • Fierce Rivalries: 

Now, another most important thing to know about Basians is their fierce rivalry. The team has rivalries with many other main-stream teams in the region. But even after all the rivals, the team never gives up on their hopes of winning the games. 

So, never forget to get all these things while visiting Corsica.