Top 5 Things To Do Over The Weekend

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No, you definitely do not get to spend every weekend in your pyjama, stuffing your face with food and binging on shows till you fall asleep. It is time to get out and get things going. And, we have the perfect list for you. How about you get ready to enjoy your weekend like it should be!

1) Plan a date with your partner

A romantic candlelight dinner at home, or maybe enjoying an evening of shared laughter at a stand-up event sounds good? Well, you will have to plan well in advance and make all the arrangements for the perfect surprise.

2) Hangout with your friends 

How long has it been when you have spent a nice time with your pals and that too not over your phone or Skype? Yeah, time to change that pattern. Go for the movies, cook together or dress-up and hit your favorite bar together. Just don’t sit inside and scroll through your phone.

3) Spend some time with your family

Miss that spaghetti with meatballs? The way how mom makes it? Or the special batch of cookies that only dad can make. Yeah, time to catch up on all that and make fond memories that you will come to cherish in the long term. How about you plan a surprise picnic or a trip to an amusement park? Get your wheels rolling!

4) Rave at a pub or bar

Woohoo! The weekend is finally here and you can let your hair down. How about you hit Mad Hatter Montreal and get a taste of all that you have been missing throughout the week. If the nightlife of the club is your calling, then you must not spend it at lousy places with boring people. Have the best of food, drinks, music, dancing, and game at Mad Hatters and enjoy the ecstatic way of living you have been craving for the entire week.

5) Have some ‘me’ time

Hit the spa, gym or even the jogging track if that’s what will get you all prepped up for Monday. Make sure you hydrate well over the weekend and hit the office with all you’ve got. 

It is important to plan your weekends so that you don’t end up sleeping it off because honestly, you can do a lot more. So, here’s to a fun and engaging weekend ahead.