Top Telugu Cops And Criminal Movies

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Nowadays, many people already know about the Telugu industry. The Telugu film making industry’s history dates back to 1912 when they started making silent and short films, and today they are considered one of the best industries not only in India but all over the world. Of course, the path they took was not easy. They faced many obstacles, but thanks to the best team and great efforts, they overcame everything. 

This industry has presented to the world many unique films released in the language of Telugu. It should be noted that all genres of movies are released in the Telugu language, and so far, no one has reacted badly. It is true that this industry is very successful in all genres, but today I want to talk about the most beloved criminal genre for both people and the industry as a whole. 

When such films are created, every little detail is of great importance. The main story in such a genre should be distinguished by many tense and action scenes. There should also be a high quality video and sound quality. Only by considering these 3 components can we get the ideal criminal film. I would like to proudly announce that the Telugu Film Industry is doing all this perfectly. Take, for example, 2 amazing movies ANJALI CBI and KILLING VEERAPPAN. These films are the ones released in the language of Telugu, which soon gained great popularity and took place in the hearts of the people precisely because of the catchy story. 

If you haven’t seen these two movies yet, then now put off all the work and sit down with these two amazing movies with friends. Believe me. You will not be disappointed, and on the contrary, you will like them forever. So, watch movies online in aha app and have fun.


ANJALI CBI is the work of a crime genre published in the language of Telugu, which soon captured the hearts of the people. The film tells the story of Rudra (Anurag Kashyap), who is a serial killer and a real headache for the CBI department. He kidnaps children from different places, but no one knows what is wrong with them. One day, the CBI hires one of the most experienced officers, Anjali, to work on these cases and catch the serial killer. This is where the best moment of the movie begins. What will Anjali do? Will he be able to catch a serial killer?


KILLING VEERAPPAN is the film that tells the story of Veerappan (Sandeep Bhardwaj), an experienced smuggler. Veerappan has been searched in many cities for ten years, but no police officer has caught him. This irritates them more and more. What will happen when one day the case of Veerappan is taken over by the most experienced and professional police officer, Shivraj Kumar. Will he be able to bring the case that started 10 years ago to an end and arrest Veerappan, who has been a police headache for many years. You can see all of this in this amazing movie.

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