Truck Accidents: What to Know When you are In It

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Truck accidents are among the most dangerous collisions on the road. Usually, truck drivers have delivery schedules they must follow, so they spend more hours on the road than they should. This can lead to them driving while tired or drowsy. If you have been injured or someone you know had died because of a truck accident, there are things you need to be aware of. But, as long as you have one of the reputable Albuquerque Truck Accident Lawyers on your side, you have someone to understand the law and know the odds of your case. Keep reading to know important information linked to truck accident cases:

Federal Regulations that Drug Drivers Must Follow

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration governs all trucking companies. Rules and regulations are enforced to keep the roadways safe for truck drivers and other drivers on the road. Some rules limit the number of hours truck drivers can drive within a certain period. 

A lot of studies show that people who drive drunk are as dangerous on the road as tired truck drivers. Also, tired truck drivers can have issues with their vision, reaction times, and judgment. When combined with the already dangerous size and speed of the truck, the risk to other drivers on the road becomes quite significant. 

Truck Accidents Must be Carefully Investigated

Truck accidents need to be carefully investigated as it can usually be hard to prove the driver experienced fatigue and whether or not it played a role in the accident. Because of this, you must work with a lawyer who knows how to get all the necessary facts that will help determine the driver’s fault in the accident.  The investigation includes recreating the accident scene that can help determine if the driver was to blame. An experienced attorney knows exactly who to contact, so you can get the compensation you deserve.