Understanding California’s Statute Of Limitations for Your Car Accident

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To be frank, car accident victims are legally entitled to receive compensation for their damages. If you are unable to negotiate with the insurance agencies successfully, a semi-truck accident attorney California will help you. It is worth mentioning that personal injury claims after a car crash have a two-year statute of limitations. 

After this period is over, you would have no chance of filing a claim. This is where a competent car injury attorney California would help you.  

Statutes Of Limitations in California

It is common for people to suffer injuries as a result of the car crash. If you are suffering due to the fault of the other driver, you are entitled to get compensation. To make the process of claiming compensation easier, it is best to contact a motorcycle injury attorney California. Note that the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim is two years. 

Well, this may seem a long period of time, but it isn’t so. There are various processes involved in getting your claim, which can make this time period look short. . In order to get the compensation amount, you, as a victim, should file a personal injury lawsuit against the defaulter.  

Statutes Of Limitations Involving Damages to the Property

In a majority of the cases, it has been noticed that victims have come out unscathed after an accident. However, there is no guarantee that your car would be unaffected too. There are high chances that your car would be damaged as an effect of the collision. In these types of circumstances, you would need to file compensation against the other driver for your car damage. 

It is important to note that the statute of limitations involving property damage is three years in California. So even if you don’t file a claim for compensating your injuries, you still have time to get compensation for property damage. If a valuable item inside your car is damaged due to the collision, you can obtain reimbursement for that too.  

Compensation In Case Of Future Losses

After a car crash, the full of your losses is not always predictable. There are instances where the victims are still undergoing treatment as a result of the car crash. Car accidents are traumatic, and keeping a tab on essential things is difficult.  

However, under the law of California, you can seek compensation for the demonstrable losses you would incur in the future. Note that in severe cases, it is best to opt for the services of an attorney. Furthermore, competent lawyers are adept at calculating your future losses efficiently. 

Hence, it is evident that you have to deal with compensation claims in a careful manner. There are various intricate affairs involved in the aftermath of a car accident. This is the reason that consulting an accident attorney is your best choice.     

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