Use These Proven Video Poker Strategies to Win

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Although video poker never appears at the top of the casino gaming lists, it is definitely one of the best options for the newbie gamblers. Learning to play video poker is pretty easy. In case you know which pay tables you should look for; the return numbers will tend to be better than several other gambling games.

Online casinos like casino Planet 7 online also offer different video poker options especially for the beginners. But if you don’t know the strategies that you should use in order to win at video poker, here are few that you should consider.

  • Five Coins available on the smallest limit

No, this is not a strategy but it is as vital as any of the other video poker strategies that are listed here. On every video poker machine, you get a bump in the amount that you win but this extra bump is only got with that extra bump for a 5-coin bet. Check the pay table for the best video poker machine and check the best paying hand. The second strategy is the coin size of the machine. The size of the coin doesn’t change the return to the bettor and almost 100% of the video poker machines have return that is less than 100%.

  • Mobile, online or live video poker?

Wherever you play video poker, it will play the same and the odds will also remain the same. Mobile, online and live video poker are similar to each other. However, the online and mobile casinos usually offer low coin amounts for the video poker players. The pay table is one of the two most vital things about a poker machine that dictates the percentage of return to player. When you play video poker in a real money or mobile casino, you often get a bonus.

  • Master the art of the best strategy

You have already learned that the strategy and the pay table are the two most vital factors when you play video poker. Strategy is something that you can use while playing video poker hand. Each video poker hand can be analyzed by using the odds of enhancing the hand and the amount you pay for each hand. This can be done yourself but it might also get complicated.

  • Play Jacks or Better video poker

Two video poker games are recommended for the beginners. You can either play Jacks or Better video poker, especially when you’re a beginner. This is the most common game in majority of the casinos and it is also easy to play. The name arrives from the lowest hand that qualifies for a pair of jacks or a win or higher than that. You get 5 cards, decide which to keep and you then trade the other cards for new ones in the same deck.

Therefore, if you’re someone who is all set to start a game of video poker, make sure you keep in mind all the above mentioned details.