Ways a Termite Infestation Can Damage Your Home

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A termite infestation is a real headache for homeowners. Even if you are cleaning every nook and cranny of your home, surely there would be a place where they can thrive if you do not prepare measures to keep your home termite-free. You should consider services for termite control in Salt Lake City to ensure that your property will not suffer from long-term damages. Termites are bad house guests, and they are usually discovered only when renovations take place or their infestation can no longer be contained.   That said, it is best that you can spot the signs of a termite infestation. Here are some of them:

  • hollow sound when you on tap wood
  • doors or windows that are jammed
  • tiny holes with mud on drywalls
  • mud tunnels on foundations or infested wood
  • damaged wood, cardboard, or paper over a crack on the floor

The damage does not end with these signs. Termites just need to reach a large population and the perfect weather to swarm in mid-air. The insects are just one of the worries you’ll have because the damages that need fixing and the future worries of another infestation would add up to your concerns. Here are the ways a termite infestation can damage your home:

  • Structural and foundation damage.Colonies of termites thrive underground. This can cause major damage to the flooring and trim. The damage would include not only solid wood flooring but also the sub-flooring. You can detect them by check on the mud tunnels that they build inside your brick or concrete foundation. If you want the infestation treated, it would be from outside your property on the ground.
  • Attic and tree damage.Though termites live in the soil, they swarm in mid-air. Some may live in trees and shrubs that can cause tree limbs to drop and damage your property. When a place is not frequented by people, termites thrive in walls and attics. They are quick in causing serious damage to your home.
  • Furniture, windows, and doors. An old house and all its wooden furniture, windows, and doors can be damaged by untreated termite infestation. They will eat through the surrounding wood of windows and doors that can cause cracks, making them brittle.

The damages of a termite infestation could cause short-term damages. Through cracks on the floor or foundation, they can enter your home. Then, they will build shelter tubes from the ground, creating mud tunnels. They thrive on wood and even over concrete in dark and damp places. They even cause long-term worries for homeowners. It lowers the price of a property that has a history of infestation.

In addition, repairs of damages caused by untreated infestation could be so costly you might consider a total remodeling. Therefore, identifying the signs is important. However, these signs of infestation are not so obvious, so asking for experts to resolve an infestation is the best solution to take. A professional can easily tell whether your home is infested by pesky creatures or not.