What are luminous marked cards and what is golden sunshine?

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Luminous marked cards are another form of marking cards for cheating and are a modern technique that is done with the help of the machine.

These marked cards have a special kind of marking in symbols or directly have the number or the name of the face card written with a special ink.

The special ink is a very important part as If the formula is very important for the creation of the invisible ink marking and can be seen by the special lens.

If it is visible to the security scanner, then it is a problem as it is not marked and that player caught having this deck is banned from entering and playing games.

This is not a common view as there are not many cases of cheating it exists and is being used by players, but these people cannot see them cheating.

This kind of marking and cheating should be done so that you can make some money and not lose any money to the house which goes to the casino.

There are different ways in which these cards are marked and that too there is a traditional way which is used from a very early time.

There is also a modern way in which you can easily mark these cards and that too without actually touching them as all work is done by the machine.

It is done by the new method so there is less margin for any error to occur or else the player carrying this card will be banned and also fined or imprisoned.

You can buy luminous deck marked cards from the many websites that sell these cards online.

Luminous marked cards are those which are easily available in the market, but you need to have the ones of good quality if you want to easily cheat and win.

What is Golden Sunshine?

Golden Sunshine is a company that is also involved in making these marked cards and that too they are doing these for 10+ years.

The golden sunshine company was the first one to create such a card which was almost impossible to be spotted by the security and the different kind of scanner.

The scanner is a new thing adopted by the casino so that they want to catch those players who are using the cheating method so that they can participate in some games.

Those people caught are fined several amounts of money, and they are also kept until the police arrive, and then it is decided whether to imprison them or not.

If the casino decides to put charges on the player, then it is sure that they are going to jail for at least some time and are not getting a bail warrant.

The company golden sunshine had officially started their business by marking cards from the company bicycle and others like Aviator, Copag, etc.

These were the different companies that were originally used to making these marked cards as these company cards were used too much in the early times.