What are the basics of image editing?

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A picture is a great way to express your ideas and emotions. Due to the advancement in technology it is now easier to edit your images and make it look attractive. Bad photos are edited in programs like Photoshop which enhances its picture quality. Photoshop is a great way to make your picture look good and is widely used now days by professionals. Before you start using Photoshop it is important to understand the basics of image editing. It will help you to make your photo look good. There are four main elements of photo editing which are cropping, color balance, white balance and sharpening. These elements helps you to transform your photos and make it look good. Cropping allows you to eliminate any nuisance which renders your image quality or make it look bad. Your photo needs to be balanced in terms of colors as well. It should not be dark or too light. This is where color balance plays its roles. Your photo should be in a good tone which will make it look attractive. Try adjusting white balance if your photo looks yellow or too blue. Sharpening of images is necessary as well and helps to focus on objects. Too much sharpening of photo will render the image quality.

How to use Photoshop as a photo editor?

Photoshop is a great tools which enables you to edit your photos. It comes up with various tool such as crop tool, patch tool, brush tool, clone stamp etc. These tools helps you to eliminate any nuisance in the photo. Spot healing brush tool helps you to remove blemish. Clone stamp helps you to remove any imperfection in the image. Similarly, patch tools is used for retouching and repairing.

What is the function of Photoshop plugins?

Plugins are a great way to enhance the picture quality and to make it look attractive. Photoshop plugins comes up in various filters which makes your picture look beautiful. You can acquire these plugins from the Photoshop. For more information, you can visit: