What are the specific settings followed for playing chess bot game?

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Chess bot set up is required default setting option in the personal computer. Some of the chessbot gaming options need automation promotion in website settings. So, make sure to turn on this automation promotion option in the website settings. To change these settings, the gameplay is easily made. Then follow the below specific setting to make sure to play well play chess bot. even though use the google chrome browser for the best experience with the proper screen resolution. In website settings, there is a need to turn off the “coordinates” options for not visible the unwanted contents in a chess bot game. Then the specific boards and pieces recognized well in the chess bot game. 

This game strongly recommends turning off the board coordinates options, animations and arrows. If the player needs to minimize the chessboard, it will need to change the settings in website settings. Then the human moves options can be simulated in the chess bot game. Even the bot vs bot game also possible in the chess bot. And then higher and lower screen resolution modifications are changed accordingly. Then the gaming experience is a little bit faster while changing the settings given in this article. Therefore, the chessboard starting position is followed for the entire game. So, choose and change the options before starting the game. 

How to configure the game settings?

The player needs to follow certain instructions where the game can play might faster than other chess-related games. Engine strength is used to play this game faster. Then the static depth option works quickly. Hence use the play by depth method by the simplest control. If the chess bot player uses the battle mode option, then the player will minimize the game level while playing the chess. Then the computer bot will play much faster. It feels like to move as much as speed. Whenever the chessboard is small, then the gameplay varied according to the speed. So, keep always stable mode to play an entire game with the successive motive. And then graphical animation has changed the effects with unconditional option change. To make the move faster, the computer bot will recognize the position fast. However, the brain fish engine is used for increasing the speed of running the chess bot frequently. This is the special version engine used in this chess bot game. You can get interesting knowledge in chess game here